Medicom SafeMask Face Shield


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Toimituksen paino: 600 g

Face shield, a protective device commonly intended to shield the wearer's face, or portions thereof, in addition to the eyes, from  certain  hazards such  as chemicals, splashes and blood. When wearing the face shield user's visibility and mobility are not hindered.

Elastic band around the head keeps the shield in place and the foam forehead band keeps the shield comfortably in place and away from the user's face. Both the outer and inner surface of the shield feature a protective film that needs to be removed before use to make the shield completely clear.

Technical details:
Shield dimensions (flat): 330mm x 190mm
Shield thickness: 0.18mm
Weight: 32 grams
Shield material: Polycarbonate sheet
Headband material: Elastic Rubber
Forehead band material: Polyurethane Foam
Price per 1 piece


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