GLOVCON Inox Lady Pen Makeup Machine

GLOVCON Inox Lady Pen Makeup Machine

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The latest, revolutionary GLOVCON machine for making permanent make-up, micropigmentation, etc! The Inox Lady Pen is a new well thought out and constructed machine with solutions that you will not find in any other device.

GLOVCON Inox Lady Pen comes with two interchangeable grips of different diameters, adapted to two different types of cartridges! This innovative solution allows you to use both cartridges for permanent makeup and cartridges for tattoos, so now regardless of your needs or your preferences, you only need one machine - The GLOVCON Inox Lady Pen.

Works with all standard tattoo needle cartridges and the Glovcon PMU cartridges.

- Power: 4W
- Stroke: 3.5mm
- Extension adjustment 0-5mm
- Two interchangeable grips included:
    1. for GLOVCON permanent make up cartridges
    2. for standard tattoo needle cartridges
- Works with the GLOVCON power supply, and any power supply with mini jack output
- Super light construction
- Machine weight 60 grams (2.1oz)
- No vibration
- Failure-free system
- 2 Connection cables included, 1 for Glovcon power supply with mini jack output and 1 for most standard tattoo power supplies

12 months warranty
Cartridges sold separately.

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