Magic Moon Slim Line Cartridge 20pcs - Round Shader

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Less is more - The Magic Moon Slim Line is the third row of the Magic Moon needle module series and, with the extra thin walls of the tip, offers the perfect view of your needles while you are working.

These tattoo cartridge needle modules are particularly popular for realism work, but this does not mean that they are only suitable for realism. On the contrary.
The wide range of different round liners, round shaders, straight round liners and bug pin round liners leaves nothing to be desired. The Slim Line Cartridge needle modules are a real asset for every style.

Safety first! - The membrane installed here is not only impermeable and protects your tattoo machine from cross-contamination and various liquids that could run into the machine. This membrane is also super soft and can be easily pressed by any common cartridge machine without restrictions and feel the full power of your machine. A module with a sense of authenticity.

Key features:
- Extremely fine tips of the Slim Line make working out details much easier
- Clear, transparent tips give you better visibility of the inside
- Built-in stabilizer ensures stable and smooth needle guidance
- Colored cap, for easier needle group identification
- Needle indicator
- Impermeable super soft membrane
- Transparent tip
- Individually blister packaged
- EO gas sterilized
- 20pcs per box

XLT = Extreme Long Taper
LT = Long Taper
MT = Medium Taper
ST = Short Taper
BPT = BugPin Textured
SRL = Straight Round Liner
OOL= One Off Liner

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