Nexus Cartridges 20pcs - Round Shaders

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Nexus Cartridges are the ultimate choice for the highest quality tattoo needles in Europe. We started our journey with a clear mission: to deliver needles that not only impress with their advanced technology but also ensure flawless and consistent quality in every needle you use.

In collaboration with experienced tattoo artists, we have developed Nexus Cartridges needles with quality and safety at the forefront. Each component is carefully selected from the best materials and our production ensures consistently high quality. We do not compromise on safety and sterilize every needle with ethylene oxide gas.

With Nexus Cartridge needles you not only get a reliable partner in your creations, but also an ergonomic design that ensures comfort during long sessions. Thanks to our wide range of configurations and continuous innovation, there is always a Nexus needle for every task and every style. Choose Nexus cartridges where quality, safety and innovation come together to create masterpieces on the skin. Your art deserves the best, and that's what you'll find here.

- Created in collaboration with tattoo artists
- Excellent quality and precision for all needles
- Finger ledge for added ease of use and comfort
- Needles made of Korean Steel with medical platic tips
- Safety membrane
- Each cartridge is single packed and EO Gas sterilized
- 20 needles per box

Needle thickness:
#08 = 0,25mm
#10 = 0,30mm
#12 = 0,35mm

Needle Taper:
Extra Long taper = 7,5mm
Long taper = 5mm long
Medium Taper = 3,5mm long

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