Panthera Ink 150ml Ralf Nonnweiler Smooth Finish


25,90 / pullo(a)
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Toimituksen paino: 180 g


Panthera Smooth Finish, Step two "Finish" contains even less pigment and is used for the final stage of your piece. Using "Finish" enables you to completely saturate even the lightest areas of the tattoo you may have previously left untouched. And when the tattoo heals, the area you saturated with "Finish" will remain in the skin.

Ralf Nonnweiler Smooth Set arises from the collaboration with the realistic tattoo master Ralf Nonnweiler.

After a long period dedicated to research and development that has seen us committed to the reformulation of our products, we are ready to launch our new line.These newly formulated products take advantage of the research done more recently and combines the tradition of our products with new innovation in materials. 

We have eliminated isopropyl alcohol as an ingredient and made it compliant with the new REACH regulation. In this way we have obtained a less irritating product for the skin, with a marked reduction of redness, less burning sensation for the client, and up to halved healing times.

Panthera Ink is:
- Gamma ray sterilized
- Without carcinogenic substances
- Vegan friendly
- Not tested on animals
- Microbiologically analyzed at each single LOT
- Made in Italy

150ml bottle. Product information and documentation for the ink can be downloaded from our REACH Database.

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