Panthera Black Latex Glove 100pcs

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Designed by tattooists for tattooists, Panthera black latex gloves offer high quality barrier protection against blood borne pathogens, whilst maintaining full sensitivity and grip.

Panthera is ideal for glove users who want a glove specifically designed for the tattoo and piercing sector and also require the comfort and feel only latex can provide.

The gloves have an advanced polymer coating on the outside that provides a secure grip even when wet and a smooth internal coating to aid donning.
They have an unique matt black colour that prevents glare from artificial light whilst providing excellent bordering of the tattooing area and helps to disguise the stains from ink and blood.

Product Information:
- Type: Powder free & non-sterile
- Material: Latex
- Quality Standards: EN455 Parts 1, 2 & 3
- Further Certification: ISO 16604b:2003 Viral Test Passed
- Protein Content: Below 30 micrograms/gram glove
- Powder Content: Below 2mg/g glove
- Features: Designed for Tattooists, Superior Quality, Enhanced Grip
- Colour: Black
- Length (minimum): 240mm
- Duration of Use (minutes): 120+
- Contact with Chemicals: No
- Contact with Blood Borne Pathogens: Yes
- XS-L 100 gloves/box
- XL 90 gloves/box

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