PatentDispenser for Disinfectant

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PatentDispenser wall dispenser for disinfectant bottles. Can be attach to a wall with screws (not included).

PatentDispenser is an invention from TETRIX that ensures finding effective dispenser solutions in crisis situations. The rack brackets can be moved so that in a few seconds it can be adjusted to fit any bottle!

Many communities are committed to just one brand of sanitary ware. When a pandemic strikes, it can be difficult to get compatible products as bottles and dispensers from different brands are not compatible. With the PatentDispenser you can take any pump bottle and make it a hygienic dispenser. Contaminated hands do not touch the bottle and the PatentDispenser has an elbow lever that reaches 16cm from the wall.

You can clean any old pump bottle and fill it with the disinfectant if required. Buy larger canisters and fill the pump bottles time and time again. PatentDispenser is is useful as a backup solution in places where hygiene requirements are high, but the invention is a good hygienic addition to workspaces under any conditions.

- Easy to use and adjust
- Compatible with most all pump bottles, brackets can be moved to attach different size bottles
- Save and refill old bottles, save money
- Touch free design, the elbow lever lets you avoid touching the bottle entirely

For more information see the PatentDispenser product PDF and the below instruction video.

Made in FInland.


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