Perma Blend Evenflo Lip Set 5x15ml


Perma Blend Evenflo Lip Set 5x15ml

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Evenflo Lip set 5x15ml bottles.

Lulu Siciliano has developed this exclusive PMU colour set to provide artists like her with the ability to easily choose the perfect tone each time. This custom palette leaves all guesswork aside, allowing you to focus on the results.

These colors deliver natural-looking results instantly due to their fluid consistency; even with the smallest needle configurations, thanks to its ultra-fine particle size.

Set includes:
Lulu's Rose

All pigments have gone through gamma ray sterilization for safety. Making all animals proud! Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

These high quality dyes keep their true color even after the treatment. Made of microparticles with a high degree of fragmentation, this guarantees durability and excellent color reproduction. The correct consistency of the ink ensures easy application of dye under the skin.

Made in USA by World Famous Ink. All Perma Blend pigments are sterile and vegan.

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