Perma Blend Inga Babitskaya Eyes Set 6x15ml

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Perma Blend Inga Babitskaya Eyes Set 6x15ml.

All shades are easily applied to the skin. Suitable for powdery, pixel and boundary application techniques. These sets contain all the necessary stabilizers and color correctors. They do not acquire unaesthetic hues in the process of skin regeneration and center stabilization, as well as with the course of time. Quickly applied to the skin. Persistent. The balance after stabilization is at least 80%.

Set includes:

Black Hole - Deep black color. Does not migrate, does not spread. In the process of work, it is easily removed from the skin.

Slavic Brown - Very beautiful perfect shade. Looks noble and natural, but by no means, not pale.

Perfect Brown - It is the best shade when you doubt yourself.  It can spoil no one. True brown, in any light, with any skin tone, it always looks neutral (not cold, and not warm) brown.

Wild Sable - Deluxe shade of the Barguzin sable fur, a deep and interesting color. It has the sun, but without redness.

Noble Graffiti - Deluxe cool brown. It will not look like "wet asphalt" even on pale cold skin. Suitable for dark-haired, brown-haired and dark blond women.

Pale Mink - Restrained "expensive" shade of fawn-colored mink. It has depth and nobility. Suitable for owners of light blond and iron-grey hair, warm and cold blonds.

These high quality dyes keep their true color even after the treatment. Made of microparticles with a high degree of fragmentation, this guarantees durability and excellent color reproduction. The correct consistency of the ink ensures easy application of dye under the skin.

- Excellent color reproduction and durability
- Colors can be mixed with each other
- Can be used on eyebrows, eyelashes, lips, correction of scarring, vitiligo, etc.
- Can be used with any method (manual feather and make up)
- Created with the help of professionals in the permanent make-up industry
- Pigments have been approved by the German CTL laboratory - which confirms their superior quality

Made in USA by World Famous Ink. All Perma Blend pigments are sterile and vegan.

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