Perma Blend Permanent Makeup Pigment 15ml - A. Sivak Jet Set - Cleoroyal_blk


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#Cleoroyal_blk is a rich neutral black, velvet color for the eyes.
It is a very rich black pigment for the eyes. We recommend using it in its pure form. When applied superficially, it creates a velvet effect. By adding #niceone_mixsol in various proportions, translucent shadow effects can be attained.

The Jet Set pigment set has been developed by Perma Blend in collaboration with Alexander Sivak. Sivak has been a permanent make-up artists for more than 16 years and knows what colors women need. These unique colors were made with love and will bring much benefit to your client to make them even more bright and beautiful!

These high quality dyes keep their true color even after the treatment. Made of microparticles with a high degree of fragmentation, this guarantees durability and excellent color reproduction. The correct consistency of the ink ensures easy application of dye under the skin.

- Excellent color reproduction and durability
- Colors can be mixed with each other
- Can be used on eyebrows, eyelashes, lips, correction of scarring, vitiligo, etc.
- Can be used with any method (manual feather and make up)
- Created with the help of professionals in the permanent make-up industry
- Pigments have been approved by the German CTL laboratory - which confirms their superior quality

Made in USA by World Famous Ink. All Perma Blend pigments are sterile and vegan.

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