Perma Blend Permanent Makeup Pigment 15ml - Evenflo Lip Corrector - Illume


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Illume is a golden-yellow, opaque color with a warm undertone.

Suggested Use:
This rich, opaque golden-yellow shade is specifically formulated to neutralize deep purplish hues. This color can be used straight or mixed 1:1 with target color.
Use straight, prior to a target color or mix it with another color. Mix with the Neutralizer and apply on bluish-purplish lip areas.

Lulu Siciliano has developed this exclusive PMU colour set to provide artists like her with the ability to easily choose the perfect tone each time.

- Excellent color reproduction and durability
- Colors can be mixed with each other
- Can be used on eyebrows, eyelashes, lips, correction of scarring, vitiligo, etc.
- Can be used with any method (manual feather and make up)
- Created with the help of professionals in the permanent make-up industry
- Pigments have been approved by the German CTL laboratory - which confirms their superior quality

Made in USA by World Famous Ink. All Perma Blend pigments are sterile and vegan.

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