Elite Infini Plus Catridges 20pcs - Round Liners

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Alkaen 16,90 / laatikkoa
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Toimituksen paino: 200 g

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Elite Infini Plus Needle Cartridges are manufactured with the highest quality control in the industry. The cartridges designed with a silicone finger ledge, which provides the perfect place to rest your finger while working.

The Infini Plus cartridge has less tension, this allows the artist to achieve higher speeds with less voltage.

- The Round cartridge is combined with Round and Diamond shape (round at the tip), that results in better stabilization and maximum inkflow
- Precise and super thin tips, consistent grouping, and flat soldering
- Big range of configurations -  configurations to meet all artists' needs
- Cartridge tips are made from medical plastic
- Cartridges are sealed with a safety membrane
- Innovative needle stabilization, minimize the vibration of the needles
- Color Caps, easy to find the right cartridges
- Each cartridge is single packed and 100% sterilized by E.O. Gas
- Box of 20PCS

- Bugpin needles are thinner than the standard #12 (0.35mm). Commonly used for thin lines and detail works.
- Extra Tight needles have the individual needles closer to eachother, making the grouping more "tight". Commonly used for fine lines and detailed works.
- Regular Tight needles have a standard set up, not too tight or loose. Commonly used for fine lines, lines and detailed works.
- Medium Tight has the needles set up in a "loose" grouping, the opposite effect of "tight". This grouping is also called Traditional Liner or Loose Liner. Commonly used for Classic Lines / Thick Lines.
- Turbo needles are specially designed with a unique hollow center. They hold more ink and allow for optimal Inkflow. Creates crisp lines, with less trauma on the skin.

Needle thickness and taper reference:
#08 = 0.25mm Bugpin
#10 = 0.30mm Bugpin
#12 = 0.35mm Regular
#14 = 0.40mm Regular
MT = Medium Taper
LT = Long Taper
XT = Extra Long Taper
SXT = Super Extra Long Taper

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Toimituksen paino: 200 g
Toimituksen paino: 200 g
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Alkaen 16,90 / laatikkoa
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