Pegasus Pro - Tattoo Creme Spezial - 250ml (Exp. 09/2019)

Pegasus Pro - Tattoo Creme Spezial - 250ml (Exp. 09/2019)

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Expiry 09/2019

Tattoo cream special -  the perfect care for tattoos

- Made with very effective and modern ingredients, such as Beta-glucan, a potent, herbal and other anti-inflammatory substances
- The cream is vegan, free from mineral oils and of course made without animal testing
- The cream has a firm consistency but becomes softer when in contact with the skin making it easy to apply
- Protects the tattoo and keeps the skin moisturized for multiple hours at a time, making the tattoo appear bright and lively
- 250ml jar

All Pegasus Pro products are made in Germany, are dermatologically tested and comply with all legal requirements

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