Perma Blend Luxe 15ml - Ready Blonde

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Toimituksen paino: 35 g

Formulated to be more neutral, Ready Blonde is a go-to for a wide range of clients with more neutral preferences instead of being too cool or too warm. Blend of organic and inorganic pigments.

Recommended for Fitzpatrick 1 and 2. Please note, these numbers are just suggestions, every client is unique and color choice is dependent on what your client wants.

CI No.:
Yellow 138: 56300
Red 170: 12475
Yellow 42: 77492
Carbon Black: 77266
TI 02: 77891

The Ready Set GO Pre-Modified set is ideal for both artists new to brows as well as veterans with no time to spare. The set provides easy to use pigments but still offers the added option of modifying further by mixing where necessary.

The new line of Luxe pigments has been developed in accordance with the latest European Union REACH regulations in force from January 4, 2022.
As a global manufacturer, we made it our top priority to create a REACH compliant product that exceeds regulatory standards. We wanted to ensure our European artists could continue revolutionizing the PMU industry with the same high quality pigments they've come to love.

Perma Blend Cosmetic Pigments for permanent make-up treatments and micro-pigmentation:
- Made of microparticles guarantee durability and perfect color reflection
- The consistency of the pigment ensures easy introduction of the dye under the skin
- For use with any method (manual feathers, and makeup machines)
- Can be used for variety of applications such as eyebrows, eyelashes, lips, and corrections like scarring, vitiligo, etc.
- Excellent reproduction and durability of the color
- The colors can be mixed together
- REACH compliant
- Manufactured adhering to the ISO 13485 quality control system

Made in USA. Sterile. Product information and documentation for can be downloaded from our REACH Database.

For more information about the changes made to the pigment contents and comparison of the new colors see the video below.

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Toimituksen paino: 35 g

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