EZ Revolution 2.0 Cartridges 20pcs - Round Liners

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Alkaen 16,90 / laatikkoa
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Toimituksen paino: 160 g


EZ Revolution 2.0 is a creative R&D of eco-materials, the project explores infinite possibilities of reusing material wastes and sustainable future.

The eco benefit of EZ Revolution 2.0 Cartridge needles comes from the used materials:
- PLA plastic cartridge is biodegradable and degrades faster than hard plastics
- Box packaging is made of recyclable materials
- Sterile packaging is made of eco-friendly materials and does not use any hard clear plastic

- PLA Plastic body
- Needles made of 304 medical grade stainless steel
- 100% EO Gas Sterilized and individually packaged
- Safety membrane inside system
- Low profile housing & better ink flow & shaped on the inside
- Exact fit for needle groups every time
- Magnums have a curved tip at the end for easier cornering
- Smooth edges eliminate additional trauma
- 20 needles per box

Needle thickness and taper reference:
#06 = 0.20mm 
#08 = 0.25mm Bugpin
#10 = 0.30mm Bugpin
#12 = 0.35mm Regular
#14 = 0.40mm Regular
MT = Medium Taper
LT = Long Taper
XT = Super Tight Extra Long Taper

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Toimituksen paino: 160 g
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