Radiant Laky, Gory Red 30ml

Radiant Laky, Gory Red 30ml

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Gory Red from the Laky set.

Laky is from capital city of Latvia, Riga. From an early age he began to draw, and during his time at an Architecture College he looked for a way to make changes in his life to be more artistic. His tattooist career initiated on 2009, gaining experience and positioning himself in the tattoo world as one of the best exponents of realism and surrealism since then.

Laky has won several awards and has been posted on important publications such as: Ink Total Magazine, Tat2 Magazine, Rise Tattoo Magazine and DGN Tattoo Magazine.

This color set has been developed with him to cover all the important tones needed for his style of surrealism and realism.

Radiant Colors has dedicated itself to create easy to apply, pure, uncut homogenized pigment. Our homogenic fluid mix throws a solid, long lasting, bright color.
All Radiant Colors products are sterilized and vegan.

30ml (1oz.) bottle

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