Snap'n Lock - Mechanical Adapters for Rover on Dan Kubin Sidewinders


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Set of 3 Mechancial adapters for use your ROVER R-1 Battery with your Dan Kubin sidewinders.

- The mechanical adapters are made of resin and weight only 15 grams each (0.5 oz)
- The interior of the adapters is padded with a rubber pad to ensure your machine doesn't suffer the slightest scratch
- The wing nut allows you to quickly lock and secure your ROVER
- Additionally, you can adjust the battery pack position to perfectly balance the center of gravity and prevent excessive pulling from its weight.
- The clip cord has been specifically designed for DK machines, with the positive side facing up and exact dimension for the DK sidewinders. Both rods have insulating tubes to identify polarity and protect against short circuits against the chassis
- The cable and RCA connector have also been designed to occupy and weigh as little as possible

Clip cord to RCA pigtail
SNL1 Mechanical Adapter for v2, v3/23 cc, v7.x and v46 machines
SNL2 Mechanical Adapter for v4, v5 and v6 machines
SNL/RCA Mechanical Adapter for v3/23 and v46er machines
Microfiber bag


What Battery packs are compatibles with the snap'n lock adapters? The snap'n lock adapters are designed exclusively for the ROVER R-1 from MUSOTOKU. Apart from the ROVER R-1 designed for DK you can use any ROVER R-1 with RCA connector.

Are the snap'n lock compatible with other machines? The snap'n lock has been designed to fit perfectly with Dan Kubin's sidewinders, ensuring the best possible experience. Any other machine could be compatible if it had identical measurements.

Can the clip cord be used with different polarity?  Yes, it can. The standard position is positive up (red) and negative down (black). Dan Kubin indicates that changing the polarity is possible and the result is a smoother hit.

Why is a snap'n lock included for RCA models? Sidewinders are machines that can vibrate a lot, especially the aluminum models. The RCA connector was designed for audio equipment where vibrations were not an issue. Its adoption in the tattoo industry has made it possible to use an extended standard, but it is not a connector that withstands vibrations well. That's why it's necessary to mitigate this inconvenience with a mechanical system adapted to the application.

How to clean the snap'n lock? All components have been tested with aggressive solvents. Our recommendation is to protect them when using and then clean them with a tissue soaked in disinfectant. Avoid soaking your accessories in disinfectant as they may degrade over time.

Does it work for the Mojobox?  The snap'n lock included in this kit can only be used with Dan Kubin's Sidewinder machines. The Mojobox will have a specific adapter (which we are working on), as it is a more complex model to adapt.


Tuote Huomaa Tila Hinta
Musotoku Rover R-1 Battery Pack - RCA - Designed for Dan Kubin Musotoku Rover R-1 Battery Pack - RCA - Designed for Dan Kubin
309,00 €
Musotoku Rover R-1 Battery Pack - RCA Musotoku Rover R-1 Battery Pack - RCA
309,00 €
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