Silverback Black TH1RT3EN 120ml

Silverback Black TH1RT3EN 120ml


28,50 / pullo(a)
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Toimituksen paino: 150 g


Black TH1RT3EN from the new Silverback Black TH1RT3EN & 3 Shade Greywash Set

The new set includes the new Black TH1RT3EN and 3 greywashes made based on this black. The greywashes in this set are based on the shades 2,4 and 8 from the Insta 10 shade greywashes.

The Black TH1RT3EN and the Greywashes based on it have a different viscosity & surface tension than other blacks from Silverback. It's a "fast" black - moves like water on the needles and makes it easy to fully saturate a surface. It's also easy to wipe off from the skin and the tip!

This set works with any tattooing style from portraits to dotwork!

ALL Silverback Ink products are Vegan and processed in a sterile facility in the USA. Once opened, the contents of the package are no longer sterile.

120ml (4oz) bottle.

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