SemperCare Pink Nitrile 200pcs

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Soft nitrile examination glove made from 100% synthetical latex in delicate pink, powder-free, non sterile.

The Sempercare soft is the new, soft alternative in the Sempercare range. Not only is the innovative, powder-free nitrile examination glove incredibly soft, its delicate pink also brings colour to the treatment room. As well as providing protection from infections, this comfortable glove offers excellent tactility and is also suitable for users and patients with type I allergies.

The exceptionally soft material of the Sempercare Soft makes it extremely comfortable to wear, and it is particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin. Its attractive delicate pink colour gives it pizzazz and makes it stand out from conventional gloves. The Sempercare Soft reliably protects against liquids and viruses - while the wearer enjoys excellent tactility.  The examination glove, which is made from nitrile, is powder-free and contains no natural latex proteins. It is therefore ideal for users and patients who suffer from a type I allergy or wish to prevent this.

Your benefits of the Sempercare soft at a glance:
- Extremely comfortable to wear, particularly soft material
- Delicate pink, attractive colour
- Optimum protection, to meet stringent requirements
- 200pcs per box

Technical details:
Material: nitrile-butadiene-rubber (NBR)
Type: powder free, unsterile
Color: delicate pink
Glove shape: flat with rolled rim
Surface: finger textured
Length according to EN 455-2: median 240 mm
Wall thickness (double) in palm area: median 0.12 mm
Impermeability according to EN 455-1: AQL 1.5
Force at break (typical production value): median 6 N
Durability in original packaging if stored as per DIN 7716, ISO 2230: 3 years
Available sizes: S, M, L
Labelling: EN 1041, EN 980, EN 420 and ISO 15223
Purpose: medical device class I
single use protective glove - PPE Category III

Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 coronavirus and the poor availability caused by this the amount of units of this product that can be ordered has been limited temporarily.

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