Cheyenne Sol Luna - Black

Cheyenne Sol Luna - Black


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The revolutionary filler and shader with CHEYENNE SENSIDRIVE!

The Cheyenne SOL Luna sets a new standard for tattoo machines: An incomparable new work experience awaits you thanks to the innovative SensiDrive technology!

Main features:
- SensiDrive technology
- Powerful, vibration-free tattoo machine
- Perfect for shading and filling (black & grey)
- Low-Frequency from 25 Hertz
- 2.5mm stroke length
- SOL Terra and Luna are Cheyenne's quietest tattoo machines
- High-quality workmanship
- Ideal healing results
- Balanced performance through safety and craft cartridges
- Long-lasting and easy to clean anodization
- Handle cage protects the connection

This new revolutionary and by Cheyenne patented technology offers two diffrent settings: "Hard" and "Sensi". The electronics of the motor are set diffrently.
Experience two completly diffrent feels. Some artists describe the "Sensi" setting as "Just like a traditional coil machine". Other describe the "Hard" setting as "The best liner machine ever".

The SOL Luna lets you control the motor through different settings, while remaining powerful and gentle on the skin. The result is an extremely clear tattoo, reduced pain during use, as well as a faster healing process.

2.5mm stroke length make the SOL Luna the leading tattoo device for soft transitions and shading, with realistic colors as well as black & grey work. The Cheyenne tattoo machine operates from 25 Hertz in the low-frequency range and can be set to up to 150 Hertz. The SOL Luna provides you a smooth and quiet workflow with low vibrations.

Our valuable anodization process makes sure that you can clean the tattoo machine easily and safely for a hygienic practice. Of course, the classic Cheyenne hand piece as well as our safety - a craft needle modules are the best additions to your set-up, so you can use the SOL Luna in the best possible conditions. All Cheyenne power packs with an output power starting at 20 amps are compatible with the SOL Luna, for reliable control of the machine.

Cheyenne SOL Luna: welcome to a new dimension of tattooing - Manufactured in Berlin!

Technical details:
Operating Voltage: 5 - 12.6 V DC
Power Input: 3 W
Stitch Frequency: 25 - 150 Hz
Stroke: 2.5 mm
Connection: 3.5 mm jack connection
Drive: Brushless DC motor
Operating Mode: Continious operation
Dimensions (Ø X L): 36 x 94.2 x 57.5 mm
Weight: Approx. 87 g without grip

Grip is sold separately.

Please note that Cheyenne only recommends to use their own cartridge needles for all their machine models. Using low quality cartridges may void warranty if there is any leakage of ink in motor. Also please remember; never try to lubricare Your Cheyenne machine with oil or grease since that will void warranty as well. Please see manual for additional details.


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