Sunskin Stilo - Brigante Signature Special Edition

Sunskin Stilo - Brigante Signature Special Edition


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As required by tradition, at Sunskin we do not launch special editions just limiting ourselves to using the name of the artist, but we work with them to develop a product that has ideal characteristics to perform certain types of work.

After months of testing, we can now present a new revolutionary Signature Stilo, designed and created together with Brigante tattoo, "World Guru" of lettering! This new edition allows you to perform your calligraphic work on the skin among other things.

Its modularity allows the tattoo artist to perform even extremely complex lines ensuring excellent fluidity thanks to its ability to adapt the stroke to the different irregularities that the skin can form during the passage of the needle.

It's made of solid Aluminum alloy, finished with the most modern anodizing treatments which enhance its shape and color.
The core of the machine hides an innovative and patented mechanism made of titanium which gives the machine an easy-understanding hit, even for anyone who have never tried this type of machine.
This new mechanic, together with a top quality made in Germany motor, lends this precious machine to be accurate and silent with very minimal vibrations.

The Sunskin Stilo Tattoo Pen is built with a top quality motor made in Germany.

Best if used with Cheyenne cartridges    

- Nominal voltage: 12V
- Recommended input voltage: 5/13V
- Power consumption: 6.3W
- Needle exit adjustment: 3,7mm
- Stroke: 3,4mm
- Weight: 130gr (~4.6 oz)
- Dimensions: 115mm x 25mm

The Stilo comes with three different interchangeable and autoclavable grips. This signature edition machine comes with 2 different 25mm grips (one light 24 gram grip on the machine and a weighted 66 gram grip) and a third steel grip.
In addition, the box includes a Sunskin RCA 190cm cord.

PLEASE NOTE!: All the grips are autoclavable but you must take off the silicone rings before autoclaving.

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