Sunskin EASY Alumium - Black


Ilman alv:tä
Toimituksen paino: 300 g

Simple and basic EASY is the newest addition to the Primus series by Sunskin. Time of production and finishing on this model have been simplified, allowing us to introduce this machine in the market with a lower price.

Ideal for lines, solid colors and shading. Like the other models, it has a high-quality motor (made in Germany) on a frame made from a single block of aluminum.
The machine is particularly light with its aluminium body. Equipped with combined Clip Cord attachment and RCA connector.

Technical details:
- Input Voltage: 5 - 12 Volts DC
- Motor: 12 Volts - 4.5 Watt
- RPM Range: 0-10,000 RPM/min
- Stroke Length: 3.4 mm
- Weight: C.A. 76 grams
- Dimensions: lenght 85 x width 22 x height 65 mm
- Connection: Clip Cord and RCA combined

Manual included (IT/EN). Each machine is engraved with serial number (number may vary from the product image).

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