Joshua Bowers 2 Stroke Drect Drive+

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Joshua Bowers 2 Stroke Drect Drive+

A Few Words From Joshua about this machine: "The time is finally here to introduce my new direct drive project that I've been developing with Workhorse Irons. I'd like to introduce the 2 Stroke. I called it the 2 Stroke because it has the unique ability among direct drives as having two very unique and different stroke characteristics in one machine. When the machine is hooked up with the positive to the top binding post the 2 Stroke is a killer, snappy super capable long stroke direct drive. Flip the clip cord so the positive is on bottom and it changes the stroke completely. The 2 Stroke has a torsioned swing arm in the cam that reacts to the resistance of the skin. On the "give" setting the needles hit the skin softer and less abrasive but the best part is that unlike typical "give" mechanisms the give on the 2 Stroke doesn't control needle depth. The needles will hit the skin with less force but still penetrate the skin the same depth as if no give was used. This ensures that all ink is deposited in the depth of retention, needle depth is more predictable and tattoos heal more solid on all the different types of skin."

Technical Details:
- 3 Piece Bolt-Up Body
- Blackened Steel Vise
- Anodized Black Aluminum Motor Cover and Frame
- Deluxe Brass Hardware
- Now with Bowers Brass Weighted Wingnut to balance Clip Cord Pull
- Weighing in at a mere 135 grams (4.65 oz)!
- Runs best between 3-6 Volts
- 5mm Stroke
- 2 stroke modes
- Pushes any grouping with ease...big stuff, small stuff, no problem
- Good with both Carts or Needle on Bar
- Lining, Color Packing, Stippling, B&G - it does it all

For more information see the 2 Stroke Drect manual.

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