Professional - Hybrix Client Chair


Professional - Hybrix Client Chair


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Professional Hybrix Client Chair - Our Professional collection has expanded with this new, stylish studio client chair. Designed for those who prefer a sleek, cleaner look in the studio. The HYBRIX client chair is made for the convenience of the artist during tattooing.

The chair can be moved from a sitting position to a fully reclined position, making it suitable for use as a massage table. The sitting position can be adjusted in several ways, allowing you to position your customer in the right position. The chair features a wide leg support for the customer to rest their legs on. The leg support can also be adjusted in different positions.

The chair works with a hydraulic pump that can be operated with your foot. The chair can be rotated 360 degrees in both the sitting position and the fully reclined position. The upholstery of the Hybrix is made of faux leather, this material is easy to clean after each session and will not
easily damage. Use lukewarm water and green soap for cleaning. Do not use strong detergents or alcohol!

Colour: black
Material: Faux leather
Lowest setting: 67cm (26.4")
Highest setting: 84cm (33")
360 degree horizontal rotation
The back and legrest can be completely flattened
The Professional HYBRIX client chair can be expanded with the HYBRIX artist chair (not included). This stool is specially designed to match the HYBRIX client chair.
The maximum load is 130kg

Backrest: 69cm (27.2")
Seat: 51cm (20")
Legrest: 58cm (22.8")
Chair width: 52.5cm (20.6")

System - The chair has a hydraulic system. This consists of cylinders. Due to the pump movement in the system, the pistons in the cylinders will push away the fluid and another part will be moved. This makes the seat height adjustable by means of a foot pump.

Working Height - The lowest seat position is 67cm (26.4") high. This height corresponds to our Professional HYBRIX stool for a good body position of the artist. The highest chair position is 84cm (33"). This high position is ideal when you choose to work standing.

Coating & Cleaning - Hygiene is most important, therefore the cover is made of faux leather so that it is easy to clean after each session and will not easily damage. Only use lukewarm water and green soap. Do not use strong detergents and alcohol to clean the upholstery!

Made in the Netherlands.

Click here to download the assembly instructions!

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