Ink Machines TPS-500 Neorail Needle Stand

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The Neorail is made to handle Neo-Cartridges, it can handle up to six Neo-Cartridges.

The Neo-Cartridges are held magnetically to the Neorail which makes it both hygenic and easy to work with.

When used, the Neorail takes over the setting of voltage from the Powerpack. Each Neo cartridge has their own optinal setting and the Neorail will adjust the powerpack accordingly.

Only one Neo-Cartridge can be used at a time and the rest should remain on the Neorail when working.

At every needle position on the Neorail there is a LED light. This light will change color depending on if the Neo-Cartridge is in place or not. White is working light, blue indicates that a Neo-Cartridge is in place and red indicates position for the Neo-Cartridge which is currently active.

Includes the Neorail and a stainless stand, Size: 205x75x50


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Ink Machines TPS-500 Power Supply Ink Machines TPS-500 Power Supply
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