TatSoul Wrath Adjustable Cartridge Grips 1.4" (36mm) - Screw-on - 10pcs

TatSoul Wrath Adjustable Cartridge Grips 1.4" (36mm) - Screw-on - 10pcs


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The Wrath Nexus Adjustable Cartridge Grips are designed to offer comfort and utility to artists of every style. The polymer "Nexus" style grip caters for artists who enjoy a wider collection of grip options while the increased grip pattern coverage adds even more comfort and control.

- 36mm (1.4") grip
- Screw on (combo) connection
- Adjust the needle protrusion with a simple click mechanism
- The precision moulded cartridge cam lock function means your carts are going nowhere once they're in!
- Each grip is individually EO gas sterilized
- 10pcs/box

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