Xion S Micropigmentation Machine Elite Set

Xion S Micropigmentation Machine Elite Set


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Xion S Elite Set with Xion S machine, Delta footswitch, AtomX power supply and 2 RCA cords.

After over three years of extensive research and development, Microbeau by FK Irons is proud to announce the highly anticipated release of the new Spektra Xion S.
This device is the first of its kind to have been designed, engineered and beta tested in cooperation with top, reputable artists from around the world.
The collaboration enabled Microbeau by FK Irons to design a machine that caters to a broad scope of Micro-pigmentation styles while giving the artist more control over the machine and their art.

Main Features:

- Adjustable give (up to 2mm), turn the dial to adjust give
- Adjustable needle depth
- 2.5mm and 1.8mm cams included
- Compatible with all cartridges
- Powerful 6W MotorBolt system is the first motor specifically designed to meet the demands of micropigmentation
- Convenient, interchangeable stroke suits different styles of micropigmentation
- Secure ratcheting system enables artists to lock in needle depth settings
- One turn give dial allows for adjustment of needle strike recoil providing artists with more options and flexibility
- Comfortable, ergonomic and lightweight design allows for optimal maneuverability
- Seamless, autoclavable, telescopic grip feature is compatible with most needle cartridges
- Machine weight 133 grams (4.69 oz)

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