Sunskin Concept Thomas Carli Jarlier - 4.2mm Stroke


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Sunskin introduces you the latest CONCEPT version made in collaboration with Thomas Carli Jarlier! This version has a 4.2mm stroke.

PLEASE NOTE! This version is different form the original machine version and is not compatible with the Concept power packs. The battery and motor are attached together and interchangeable this way, however this system is not compatible with the original Concept machine battery packs.

A few words about the new model: "I have been collaborating with Sunskin for 5 years now and I've had the opportunity to develop machines that allowed me to push my own capabilities as a tattooist to the new level and to help artists around the world find their touch. This brand reflects the love I have for the craft of tattooing.

After creating the 3.4 mm and 4.2 mm stroke machines, we kept working on fine tuning them in order to minimize skin trauma, and perfect the saturation power and stability while working. Today, after 5 years of extensive research, we are happy to propose a new version of both machines with a stronger engine that provides high power at low voltage and great skin feedback at high voltage allowing you to feel exactly where you are in the skin.
We have also been researching for ways to avoid loss of power that usually results from using batteries, by working on the mechanism and the engine itself. I'm happy to say that we were able to create what I consider the perfect wireless machines.

Whether it's the 3.4 or 4.2mm stroke you can achieve any rendering, from saturation to soft shadows. I hope you will enjoy these machines as much as we enjoyed developing them. By owning this machine you join in our philosophy of artists and craftsmen working together for the love of the art of tattooing."

- Machine housing made with high-precision carbon-coated technical material, making it very resistant
- Hidden inside parts made of high quality ergal and titanium
- Driven by an electronic brushless Faulhaber motor that allows the maximum torque (force) even at very low voltages
- Light and perfectly balanced
- Suitable for work with a very wide voltage range, for any type of work from outlining to shading and color packing

Technical details:
- Nominal Voltage: 9 Volts DC
- Recommended voltage: 5 - 9 Volts DC
- Power Consumption: 8,5 W (MAX)
- Needle exit adjustment: 4,5 mm
- Stroke: 4.2mm
- Weight: 125 grams W/ RCA or 175 grams w/ battery
- Dimensions w/ RCA adapter: 112 X 40 mm
- Dimensions w/ battery: 147 x 40 mm
- Made in Italy

Battery technical details:
- Screen on top displays current voltage and battery level
- Buttons on on the side of the battery for adjustment
- Voltage range: 4 - 12 V (adjustable by 0.1V)
- Capacity: 1800 mAh
- Battery life: 2-6 hours when fully charged (charge duration is subject to variation depending on the used voltage, needle brand and size as well as environmental factors such as temperature etc.)

Package includes:
Concept wireles machine
Battery charging cable (USB-C, cord only no wall adapter)

Please note! This machine is compatible with most membrane cartridges. Cartridges without membrane may cause ink leakage to the motor. Ink or other liquid inside the machine will void the warranty.

Please note that, like any Li-Ion battery, the included battery will also wear down in time and capacity slowly gets lower causing working time to get shorter. This is normal wear over time and is not covered by warranty.


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