Sullen Blaq Paq - Drone Globe Edition

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Blaq Paq Drone Tattoo Travel Bag Globe Edition

This bag has all the traveling tattoo artists needs to move from location to location with every piece of equipment safely. This bag is the third development from Sullen in the Blaq Paq line and has been re-designed to maximize space, comfort, accessibility and functionality for artists everywhere.

The entire bag is made from 600dp vinyl coated rip stop material to keep from tearing while traveling, makes the bag water resistant, and keep its shape with the skeletal structure when filling it up. Padded shoulder straps and heavy duty handles are 90lb weight tested with web reinforced netting, box stitched assembly and tacked to stay strong when you max out your bag.
To keep all your stuff safe each compartment has double lock utility zippers inside and out. The rear main compartment has ben reconfigured to be an open space to hold anything you need and the exact size needed  to hold two of the the slotted or foam custom Blaq Paq cases.* Also in the rear opening compartment is an all around padded laptop pouch with elastic velcro strap to keep secure during travel.
The top zipper pouch has a soft lined interior to hold your sunglasses for easy accessibility. The exterior pouches on each side have unique purposes to hold all your art items. The tall left side pocket opens to have a slot of your business/identification card in the event your bag is lost, 2 netter zipper closure pouches, slots to hold your pens, a gusset pocket for random items and 12 slots to hold your paintbrushes. The tall right side pocket unzips to show one large netter zipper pocket and 4 individually sealed padded pouches to hold your tattoo machines. The bottom pouch is slit inside to hold smaller component machines like rotaries.  On the exterior in the center are two other pockets to hold random items such as chain, keys and whatever else the traveling artist needs. Each main compartment pocket has double lock zippers to keep things safe.

Each bag comes with a  6 month warranty  from the time of your purchase.

Bag Size: 27,9cm x 38,1cm x 45,7cm (11in x 15in x 18in)

* Sullen cases, shown machines and tattoo supplies are not included with purchase!


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