Sullen Blaq Baq - Traveller Bag Globe Edition

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Blaq Paq Traveler Tattoo Travel Bag - Globe Edition

The wait is over for the newest Sullen Travel bag!! Two years in development working with tattoo artists to produce the best Premium Tattoo Travel bag on the market. 

- The entire bag exterior is made from water resistant 600dp vinyl coated rip stop material along with a back side wax coating to keep from tearing while traveling.
- The outside compartments were designed to be thin and sleek to keep any edges from catching on any surfaces while you take the bag in and out of travel storage areas.
- Front zipper close pocket features storage slits on both openings to store reading material, ipad, sketch book and a key chain clip.
- Top flush slit zipper close pocket is easy access to things like your passport, sunglasses or travel documents.
- Move easily with two bearing smooth skate style wheels.
- New three stage lockable retractable handle stored in the bags shell.
- Bottom feet doubles as a handle for easy pick up and set down.  
- Each bag comes with a  6 month warranty
- Bag Size = 50cm x 43cm x 20cm (22in x 17in x 8in)
- Weight 3,8kg

NOTE: Shown Sullen cases, machines, tattoo supplies and apparel are not included with purchase.


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