Radiant Luis Bonilla, Superhero Red 30ml

Radiant Luis Bonilla, Superhero Red 30ml

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Superhero Red from the Luis Bonilla set is a solid red that is easy to use and heals heroically.

Luis Bonilla is a tattoo artist from Cartago, Costa Rica. His fame goes beyond his hometown. Luis always felt passionate about drawing, and with his wild imagination, the world began to notice his talents.

It all started when one of his friends asked him to get a tattoo with one of his drawings and a homemade machine. Luis's learning was strange because he basically learned by judgment and error, this process was quite slow.

Thanks to the support of his wife and his close friends he managed to turn himself into the awesome artist he is now. His favorite technique includes making tattoos full of color and everything that has to do with New School.
Luis says that he constantly wants to learn something new, because the day he stops learning will be the day he dies.

This color set has been developed with him to include the vivid colors he is known for.

Radiant Colors has dedicated itself to create easy to apply, pure, uncut homogenized pigment. Our homogenic fluid mix throws a solid, long lasting, bright color.
All Radiant Colors products are sterilized and vegan.

30ml (1oz.) bottle

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