Tombow PRO Pens 12pcs Basic Colours

Tombow PRO Pens 12pcs Basic Colours

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Вес продукта к доставке: 300 g

Basic Colors set includes: ABT PRO Markers 055, 277, 373, 555, 636, 815, 845, 907, 925, 942, N15, N55

The ABT PRO is an alcohol-based marker with slim case and two tips: a broad chisel tip for broad patches and a fine brush tip for lines of varying thickness.

The brush tip is made from nylon and is therefore particularly flexible and dynamic. When no more pressure is applied to the tip, it returns to its original shape and is therefore easily controllable.

The slim shape of the pen fits comfortably in the hand. The paint runs slowly and runs less on the paper, thus, the ink is well controllable and allows particularly precise drawing.

The alcohol-based ink provides a strong, streak-free coverage by repeated application of paint. By layering the ink you can also create effects, depth and shadows and intensify colors.

The ABT PRO is ideal for for illustrations, manga and comic drawings, drafts and sketches in fashion design, product development, architecture, and many other areas.

Note: Store pens horizontally and close the caps tightly. Alcohol based marker, not for use on skin.

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