EGO Rotary Polygon - Black/Red

EGO Rotary Polygon - Black/Red

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The EGO Polygon is the latest cartridge-dedicated rotary tattoo machine from tattoo artist Bez! The Polygon has a full aluminium body with a lightweight, ergonomic design and is powered by a Faulhaber brushless motor, enclosed within and has no start-up delay.

- Stroke: 3.9 mm
- Cartridge-dedicated machine
- Fully-aluminium body and vice converter
- Ergonomic design
- True linear drive motion, no sideway vibration
- Faulhaber brushless motor
- Slider requires zero maintenance
- RCA connection
- Comes with x7 Delrin main drive bars and x9 disposable drive bars
- Four levels of give: Soft (yellow), Medium (red), Hard (black), Extra Hard (main drive bar only)
- Machine weight: 68 grams (2.4 oz)
- Designed and assembled in the UK

The rotary machine runs very smoothly and has a perfectly straight, true linear drive motion - meaning no sideway vibration.

The slider in the EGO Polygon is made from Igus material, which does not require oil and therefore means zero maintenance. The machine also comes with x7 main drive bars (made from Delrin) and x9 disposable drive bars (made from ABS).

It offers four levels of give, indicated by various colours: soft (yellow), medium (red), hard (black), extra hard (main drive bar only).

The EGO Polygon can be used with all types of cartridge grips: the Ego Hawkflow Disposable Cheyenne Hawk Grips and Cheyenne Hawk Grips can be attached directly. You can also use your cartridge grips with a backstem because an aluminium vice connector is included with the EGO Polygon.

Each machine has an RCA connection and a built-in power LED.

All EGO Polygon machines have been quality control tested and signed off by Bez himself. You will also receive a signed quality control card from Bez in every machine box.

Created and designed by Bez from Triple Six Studios in Sunderland, UK.

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