Da Vinci V2 Cartridges 20pcs - Round Liners

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Introducing our All New DA VINCI V2 Needle Cartridges. Designed by Carlos Torres and Franco Vescovi, who together share over 50 years of tattooing experience.

Da Vinci Needle Cartridges are disposable single-use tattoo needle cartridges that allow tattoo artists to set up needles and switch needle configuration very quickly during the tattooing process.
Precise quality control to ensure excellent needles every time. With the smooth undercarriage will allow less trauma to the skin and more comfort for the client.

- Safety membrane, medium tension membrane inside
- Engineered with a breathe/vent hole to allow better ink flow
- Each needle has its own custom plastic molded body that is designed to fit the specific setting exactly
- Fits most standard model cartridge grips, pen style machines & Cheyenne Hawk machines
- Made of 304 Surgical Stainless Steel and medical-grade plastic
- 100% EO Gas Sterilized & single packed
- Officially licensed by Cheyenne
- Custom Bishop Logo on each cartridge and packaging
- Box of 20

Needle gauge:
#14 = 0,40mm
#12 = 0,35mm
#10 = 0,30mm
#08 = 0,25mm
#06 = 0,22mm
#04 = 0,18mm

A few words about these cartridges from Franco Vescovi himself:
"These high precision needles and body are the first ever cartridges actually "designed by tattoo artists". Most of the industry simply changes the color of the cartridge, and makes their own custom box, but they are simply the same needles you can find on several other websites.

We take pride in having a tattoo artist-owned company. From one artist to another.

Over 2 years went into this project and the needles were put to the test by artists from all around the world. We continually fine-tuned each aspect of what was missing in the other brands. We worked with our engineer in Los Angeles to design every aspect and shape of these cartridges. We put the Bishop seal on each cartridge as well as our "LOS ANGELES" stamp on the back of each cartridge. This is our way of paying homage to the city where we live and started our careers in. LA has been an integral birthplace for much of tattooing history, including the birth of fine line realistic black & grey.

We use a 304 stainless Japanese steel while most of the industry uses 316 stainless steel. 304 is more expensive but it's also slightly stronger than 316. This allows the needles to stay sharper longer for those time-consuming tattoo sessions. 304 also contains less chromium-nickel. Each needle undergoes a strict 8 step quality control process to ensure excellent needles every time.

Each needle has its own custom plastic molded body that is designed to fit it exactly. This process ensures that our magnum needles will not have any "wiggle room".

Our liners have the first ever technology that allows the liner needle to have a constant pressure that makes the liner needle ride the bottom of the tip. This allows less spitting and a controlled precise vertical movement.

Utilizing Bishop's well-earned reputation in the supply chain, we were able to locate and create a partnership with the most highly-regarded factory overseas to create our needles. *We assure you that there isn't a better quality needle available anywhere in the industry.* We're not saying we're the best, but nothing better exists.

Thank you, Franco Vescovi"

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