Biotek Rapid Shading 7ml Moscow Mule

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Beautiful dark blond/light brown. Moscow Mule pigment has a neutral undertone, which makes it perfect for use on all clients with light skin (phototype Fitzpatrick 2) and natural dark blond brow hair.
This Biotek pigment is from the RAPID SHADING line, ideal line to create shaded eyebrows with a pixel effect, in the blink of an eye!

BIOTEK's RAPID SHADING formulation is liquid and easy to implant. Rapid Shading pigments are real game changers in the industry, they pick immediately into the skin and remain very visible even after the healing process.

Thanks to their unique formulation, the RAPID SHADING colors produce an unbelievable dotted effect, visible from the first step. For Macro-proof details!

The shades are all neutral, perfectly balanced to guarantee you stable healed results without red or gray toning. There is therefore no need to mix 2 colors, nor to add any modifiers (eg mixing colors).

The Rapid Shading line, just like the Biotek More Than Ever Eyebrow Line, is 100% inorganic.

BIOTEK colors are packaged in a practical airless bottle. This allows you to use up to the last drop without any waste and is also more hygienic thanks to the airless design.

All BIOTEK colors are:
- Produced entirely in Italy with high quality raw materials and sterile
- Vegan and not tested on animals
- Compliant with European and American regulations
- Full coverage
- Stable (no color changes)

When using BIOTEK colors please note that;
- Unlike with some other brands, the colors tend to heal a bit warmer than they appear on the bottle
- Rapid Shading Brow colors SHOULD NOT be mixed with each other, tones are made in a way that there should be no need to

Product information and documentation for can be downloaded from our REACH Database.

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