Lauro Paolini - Soul - Black - Empty - Liner

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The innovative Soul Machine is a newly designed machine, modern and attractive but keeps a close link with tradition.

The frame is of leaded iron and manganese which are excellent electrical conductors. The lateral cover is extremely robust aircraft aluminum and then anodized in three colors: black, dark red and gray titanium.

The coils are 10 wraps, very powerful. The machine can work with up to size 14 needles and you can make great lines with it.

The weight is very low, only 200 grams.

The Soul Machine's frame is guaranteed for life, spare parts are available on our website.

- Frame Material: Iron
- Weight: 200 grams (7 oz)
- Settings: Hybrid (liner or color depends by settings)
- Suggested for: Big lines (big liner tattoo machine)
- Includes manual (in Italian)

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