GLOVCON Permanent Makeup Machine Black + Control Panel Set

GLOVCON Permanent Makeup Machine Black + Control Panel Set

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A set with GLOVCON Permanent Makeup Machine and Permanent Makeup V100 Control Panel + a foot pedal for the control panel

The GLOVCON Permanent Makeup Machine is made of ultra light aluminum and free of vibrations. The machine has a trouble-free engine system that guarantees its reliability.

- Adjustable needle stroke 0-5mm
- Super light construction
- No vibration
- A trouble-free system
- Weighs only 77 grams! (2.7 oz)
- Connection cable included
- Comes with a bag for the machine
- Warranty: 12 months

Works with the majority of PMU cartridges available on the market, however we recommend using the GLOVCON cartridges with it.

The digital GLOVCON power supply is controlled by a top-quality microprocessor enclosed in a durable and aesthetic housing.
It provides constant, stable machine operation, guaranteeing the highest quality of the performed procedure.

Equipped with a color display and 4 programs. The power supply works both with and without foot pedal equipped with a channel switch.

- Clean, sleek design
- 2 machines can be connected at the same time
- Digital display
- 4 different programs
- Controlling and setting the desired voltage is easy
- Works both with and without a foot pedal
- Warranty: 12 months

- GLOVCON Power Supply
- Foot Pedal
- Cable

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