Lauro Paolini Trixy T.3 Rotary Machine - Black

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After 20 years of work we have given a new robe to a traditional rotary machine.

The new and beautiful Trixy Type 3 has a powerful and fast 12v / 11000rpm motor is Italian, built for us according to our directives.

Unlike the Trixy T.2, the connection is via RCA. It's light, weighs only 100 grams.

All the components of the Trixy Type 3 are ergal, aviation aluminum, CNC machined with numerical control and polished by means of manual brushing in our workshop, thus obtaining a shiny mirror appearance.

- Recommended for filling, shades and lines
- Direct drive
- Frame Material: Aircraft aluminium
- Weight: 100 grams (3.5 oz)
- Settings: color / shader tattoo machine
- Suggested for: Fillings or shadings
- Needle stroke: 4,5 mm
- Includes manual (in Italian)
- 2 month warranty

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