Kwadron Round Shaders, 0,25 - 0,35mm Long Taper, 50pcs

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Kwadron Round Shaders - long taper - needle sizes 0,25 - 0,35. 50pcs/box

Kwadrons are unqestionably some of the best needles ever made. Kwadron are proud to present REAL MARVEL amongst the tattoo needle industry. Each configuration is a combination of precision soldering super-mega-sharp elastic, long blades of increased hardness.

90% of the market contains needles from ordinary mild steel, which can bend easily and the solder quality is very poor. Movement of the working needle in the tip results in a strong friction, the friction of the regular needle does not hold. Regular needles lose sharpness and even more dangerously, can leave filings under the skin. The effect of tattooing with these kind of needles means the skin needs several weeks to regenerate. We offer you a perfectly soldered configurations of the highest quality needles. We guarantee that every needle in the package will be completely perfect - evenly sharp needles ensure the highest quality of work. Many reputable tattoo artists appreciated the quality of Kwadron needles.

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