Alcohol Wipes, 100pcs

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Please note! These are small wipes suitable for cleaning small patches of skin to prep for piercing etc., not suitable size for cleaning surfaces. For surface cleaning please see the Purell Antimicrobial Wipes.

Alcohol Prep Wipes Box - individually wrapped, 100 packets per box.

The Alcohol Prep Pads are a great choice for your antiseptic needs. Packaged in convenient, easy to tear pouches, the alcohol inhibits the growth and reproduction of disease-causing microorganisms. Use the Alcohol Prep Pads for cleansing the skin prior to tattoos or piercings.

Quantity: Price Per Case (1 box of 100 pads)
Active Ingredient: 70% isopropyl alcohol
Inhibits disease causing micro-organisms
Easy to tear pouches
Pad size: 6cm x 3cm

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