Added on the 24th of October 2023

The German supervisory authority has found defects in one batch of ink, which was also in our warehouse. We have been in direct contact with the customers who purchased the batch in question, but we ask you to check your stock if you have purchased the batch in question from other wholesalers. If you are in possession of the manufacturing batch in question, we ask you to stop using the product as a precaution and contact the wholesaler who supplied the product, so that they can make the relevant recall for the product. The inks from this LOT were sold by us between 8th of July 2023 and 19th of October 2023.

Viking Ink By Dynamic - Crimson Red 30ml LOT CR-004-D1

If your ink is not the same batch, the recall does not apply to your product.


Added on the 23rd of October 2023

The Estonian supervisory authority has found defects in one batch of 2 different inks, which was also in our warehouse. We have been in direct contact with the customers who purchased the batch in question, but we ask you to check your stock if you have purchased the batch in question from other wholesalers. If you are in possession of the manufacturing batch in question, we ask you to stop using the product as a precaution and contact the wholesaler who supplied the product, so that they can make the relevant recall for the product. The inks from this LOT were sold by us between 1st of August 2023 and 19th of October 2023.

Viking Ink By Dynamic - Purple 30ml LOT PUR-004-D1
Viking Ink By Dynamic - Dark Blue 30ml LOT DB-004-D1

The Purple ink has been sold by us, but the Dark Blue was removed from sale before we shipped any to our customers. If your ink is not the same batch, the recall does not apply to your product.

Added on 4th of July 2023

The Swedish supervisory authority has found defects in one batch of ink, which was also in our warehouse. We have been in direct contact with the customers who purchased the batch in question, but we ask you to check your stock if you have purchased the batch in question from other wholesalers. If you are in possession of the manufacturing batch in question, we ask you to stop using the product as a precaution and contact the wholesaler who supplied the product, so that they can make the relevant recall for the product. The inks from this LOT were sold by us between 16th of June 2022 and 9th of June 2023.

Eternal Ink Darker Gray Wash  LOT L020322

If your ink is not the same batch, the recall does not apply to your product.


Added on 9th of June 2023

The Czech supervisory authority has found defects in one batch of ink, which was also in our warehouse. We have been in direct contact with the customers who purchased the batch in question, but we ask you to check your stock if you have purchased the batch in question from other wholesalers. If you are in possession of the manufacturing batch in question, we ask you to stop using the product as a precaution and contact the wholesaler who supplied the product, so that they can make the relevant recall for the product. The inks from this LOT were sold by us between April and September of 2022.

Viking Ink by Dynamic Dark Green LOT DG-002-D1

If your ink is not the same batch, the recall does not apply to your product.

Added on 5th of May 2023

The Czech supervisory authority has found defects in one batch of ink, which was also in our warehouse. We have been in direct contact with the customers who purchased the batch in question, but we ask you to check your stock if you have purchased the batch in question from other wholesalers. If you are in possession of the manufacturing batch in question, we ask you to stop using the product as a precaution and contact the wholesaler who supplied the product, so that they can make the relevant recall for the product.

Kuro Sumi Imperial - Florentine Roof 44ml LOT IMFR 17696 / EXP 08/27/24

If your ink is not the same batch, the recall does not apply to your product.

Added on 24th of March 2023

Matkahuolto Cash on Delivery service in Finland ends on March 31, 2023. The need for the service at Matkahuolto has decreased drastically in recent years, which is why they have decided to stop the additional service in question. So, unfortunately, we can no longer use it. Posti Cash on Delivery service still works in the same way as before, so if you want to pay for your order upon pickup, choose Posti for delivery method.
We will be at the Helsinki Ink tattoo convention 31.3 – 2.4 2023 at Kaapelitehdas with a comprehensive booth.  You can find more information about the event at

Amongst the novelties arriving soon, let's mention the Xtreme Ink tattoo inks, whose selection covers more than 150 different shades for starters. This is a very welcome addition to the range of REACH compliant colors. Estimated arrival within a few weeks.


Added on 6th of February 2023

The Finnish supervisory authority has found defects in one batch of ink, which was also in our warehouse. We have been in direct contact with the customers who purchased the batch in question, but we ask you to check your stock if you have purchased the batch in question from other wholesalers. If you are in possession of the manufacturing batch in question, we ask you to stop using the product as a precaution and contact the wholesaler who supplied the product, so that they can make the relevant recall for the product.

Quantum Ink - Blue Man Goop 30ml (1oz) - LOT 0004 / EXP 12/2025

If your ink is not the same batch, the recall does not apply to your product.


Added on 13th of January 2023

Happy new year to all our news section followers!

The events of the world and Europe during the last few years have affected the demand and availability of various products in many ways, but at the moment the situation regarding our selection has stabilized, and all product groups are quite well available.

Finland's biggest tattoo industry event Helsinki Ink tattoo convention is approaching, 31.3 - 2.4.2023 at the usual place Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki. We are there as a wholesaler and the plan is to bring a comprehensive selection of well-known as well as new supplies with us.

The online store now has a new payment button for Nordea Business to business customers "Nordea B2B" to make transactions easier.


Added on 30th of December 2022

The German supervisory authority has found defects in one batch of ink, which was also in our warehouse. We have been in direct contact with the customers who purchased the batch in question, but we ask you to check your stock if you have purchased the batch in question from other wholesalers. If you are in possession of the manufacturing batch in question, we ask you to stop using the product as a precaution and contact the wholesaler who supplied the product, so that they can make the relevant recall for the product.

Viking Ink by Dynamic - Chocolate - 30ml (1oz) - LOT-CH-002-D1 / EXP 04/2024

If your ink is not the same batch, the recall does not apply to your product.


Added on 18th of December 2022

The variety of different payment methods has grown since we implemented the new Paytrail payment service.

The sale of discontinuing blues and greens is accelerating. At least World Famous Ink and Kuro Sumi have already informed new REACH compliant colors are on their way and first colors hopefully in stock with in few weeks. Viking by Dynamic inks are already compatible as they are.

Added on the 22nd of September 2022

We have discounted inks that, according to the manufacturers' announcements, contain the pigments blue 15:3 and green 7 and therefore no longer comply with the REACH regulation from January 2023.

Added on the 13th of April 2022

The FK Irons battery device indicator LED functions have been updated with the latest firmware version updatable via the Darklab App. You can find Updated Firmware LED Controls here.


Added on 25th of February 2022

Latest information on the REACH ink situation by brand and estimated time of arrival:

- Just Ink: New brand, first colors, within about 1 week. Already added to webstore.
- World Famous Ink: the next batch, contains some of the colors, within about 1 week.
- Carbon Black: in about a week
- Panthera Ink: new inks, 1-2 weeks
- Kuro Sumi: end of March
- Lauro Paolini: end of March
- Intenze: arrival time not yet confirmed, but approaching. New sets already added to the store. There will only be full sets in the first arrival batch, loose single bottles will come later.  

Long time has passed since our last tattoo convention, but that will change soon! We are present with a comprehensive stand at the Helsinki Ink tattoo convention on 1st-3rd of April, 2022 at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki. More information about the event can be found at


Added on 26th of January 2022

General information about the new REACH-compatible tattoo inks:
"Contains nickel. Can cause allergic reactions. Contains chromium (VI). Can cause allergic reactions."

This clause is and will be a very common mention in REACH-compatible tattoo and permanent makeup inks. The REACH Regulation states that this clause must be mentioned in the product info, if the content of nickel in the product is less than 0.0005% and the content of chromium is less than 0.00005%. Some manufacturers also print the text for safety reasons, even if no concentrations have even been observed, as many have had difficulty interpreting that law and its requirements.

There is no official certificate for inks issued by the authority in the EU. Authorities do not test inks on the market in advance. Manufacturers test their products themselves and guarantee their suitability. Manufacturers may provide their own evidence of compliance, such as certificates, Proof of compliance documents, and safety data sheets. We always include a link to the documentation provided by the manufacturer in the product descriptions.

As far as green and blue pigment are concerned, the situation is still difficult also with these new REACH compliant inks. In the light of current information, none of the tattoo and permanent makeup inks on the market containing the pigments blue 15: 3 and green 7 will no longer be allowed in 2023 when the extended time of the regulation for these specific pigments expires.


Added on 20th of January 2022

We have received the first batch of REACH compliant inks from World Famous Ink and Perma Blend and these are now available in our online store. The quantities received are much smaller in many colors than we have ordered, and the shipment did not yet include the full range of colors. The manufacturer has a lot of orders from distributors in the queue, so please be patient, we will try to get more inks in stock as soon as possible.

Kuron Sumis colors will most likely arrive in stock around next Thursday. The first shipment from Panthera Ink should arrive in stock next week as well.

Added on 14th of January 2022

We have received confirmations of World Famous Ink and Perma Blend shipments, these are expected to arrive next week Tuesday/Wednesday. We are also expecting shipment from Kuro Sumi to arrive Friday next week. A small amount of Lauro Paolini's black has just been added to the store. The next shipment from I AM INK is expected to arrive within about 2 weeks.

Added on 4th of January 2022

We are expecting more REACH compliant inks from manufacturers I AM INK, World Famous Ink, Kuro Sumi and few others to arrive in stock with in few weeks. Customers can order email notifications of the availability on these products.

Eternal Ink updated the list of its former colors which comply with the new regulations. Some colors came more, but the two previously announced shades Gray and Lipstick Red are no longer on the list, for which we are in direct contact with the customers who purchased the products.

Maxx Black (EMXB)
Maxx Lining Black (VN16)
Neutral Gray 20 (NG20)
Neutral Gray 40 (NG40)
Neutral Gray 60 (NG60)
Neutral Gray 80 (NG80)
White (E31)
White Knight (E61)
Perfect White (MM18)
Vintage White (VN-17)
Jess Yen Silk White (JY05)
Gray Wash Light (EGW-L)
Gray Wash Medium (EGW-M)
Gray Wash Dark (EGW-D)
Gray Wash Darker (EGW-R)
Gray Wash Darkest (EGW-T)
Marshall Bennett 20% (MB20)
Marshall Bennett 40% (MB40)
Marshall Bennett 60% (MB60)
Marshall Bennett 80% (MB80)


Added on 31st of December 2021

An update regarding upcoming REACH compliant inks. We've added the new World Famous Ink and Perma Blend colors to the webshop. The first shipment of these colors should arrive in about two weeks. Not all shades listed will be included in the first shipment but a good selection nonetheless. Panthera Ink's latest estimate is that new inks would arrive in the last week of January and several other brands are also preparing new inks.

Thank you all for the past year and Happy New Year 2022! 


Added on 22nd of December 2021

We have been able to raise the purchase limit for several REACH inks to two and for some three bottles per order. We just received shipments of IAM INK inks.

New REACH inks from World Famous Ink and Perma Blend are expected to arrive within 2-3 weeks. The color ranges are not yet perfect with these brands either, but there will be good set of shades available.
We have received inquiries as to whether the current and future blue and green colors of REACH inks are still compatible in 2023 (more in our news 24th of September 2021). At least to our knowledge, no manufacturer has yet produced these shades with new pigments, as no suitable alternative pigments are available. This should be taken into account when placing orders. We do not know the situation for all new products. Sure, it may also be possible that there will be more changes to the law, but time will tell the situation in 2023 for these completely banned pigments.


Added on 19th of December 2021

Eternal Ink just informed, that as part of their testing process, Eternal have been looking at their existing range, as well as any new pigments, and confirm that 11 colours from the existing range pass as compliant under the new EU regulations. These inks are:

White Knight
Perfect White
Maxx Black
Vintage Ink - Maxx Black Classic Lining
Neutral Gray 20%
Neutral Gray 40%
Neutral Gray 60%
Neutral Gray 80%
Lipstick Red

We have some of these products in stock and start now preparing the labelling accordingly to meet the requirements. Once this is done the products can be found from Tattoo Inks – EU REACH 2022 section from the web shop.


Added on 16th of December 2021

The availability of inks compatible with REACH remains a challenge. We are expecting inks from several manufacturers to meet the new regulation, but we have not received exact delivery dates. The inks currently available can now be found in the Tattoo Inks - EU REACH 2022 folder in the shop. These include Lauro Paolini, Quantum and I AM INK. More inks from these manufacturers are coming to our selection in the coming weeks. In addition, we expect inks from World Famous Ink and Panthera Ink to arrive soon. Many other manufacturers are also preparing new products. Previous inks can be found in the Tattoo Ink EU 2021 folder.

There are also inks in the EU REACH 2022 folder that are not yet available. Inks are there so that customers can add their email address to the availability notification, to receive notification as soon as the ink arrives in stock. Unfortunately, for the time being, we will have to limit the sale of new inks to one bottle per order due to very poor availability. In doing so, we aim to ensure that as many artists as possible receive inks. Unfortunately, we are also unable to accept pre-orders in this situation.

Because the new regulation requires the artist to provide their customer with ink information, we have created a REACH database in the store that contains information of the product label as a PDF file. This way, you do not need to give the bottles for anyone, but you can either print the file or give the customer a link or create a QR code from the link. Note! This database may lag a little behind, we can’t prepare documents until the products are here in our warehouse.

Of course, our customers outside the EU in countries not affected by the regulation will still be able to purchase and use the old colors after 4.1.2022. This has given us some inquiries. In other words, the REACH regulation only applies to EU countries, as well as to a few other countries that have transposed the same regulation into national law.


Added on 24th of November 2021

Attention Finnish customers! TUKES information on the new ink legislation can be found here:

And here's information on legislation on tattoo services and tattoo inks:


Added on 18th of November 2021

World Famous Ink has informed the new REACH compliant products will become available during second half of December 2021, so the schedule has delayed from the first estimation. Panthera Ink has confirmed REACH compliant inks are going to be ready by the end of December. Several other manufacturers have also announced that they are preparing new inks.

Note to our Finnish customers; TUKES has informed they will publish a bulletin to tattoo industry during this week 46 about the REACH 2022 regulation and its effects. When the bulletin is published, it should be found on TUKES 'homepage


Added on 8th of October 2021


The first manufacturers to have already given a delivery time estimate for their new inks are I AM INK, World Famous Ink and Perma Blend. These manufacturers have informed they will provide REACH compliant inks and papers for those inks during November 2021.

The World Famous Ink REACH compliant color range will be called World Famous Limitless and will include all the most popular shades from the original series. The new colors will differ from the previous ones in both content and composition.

The full range of I AM INK colors is already REACH-compliant in content, but the packaging labels should become 2022 compliant during November.

We will announce additional information about other brands as soon as information is available from the manufacturers.


Added on 24th of September 2021

As you have probably already noticed, we are currently in the transitional period of the Tattoo-REACH, which will come into effect in EU on January 4th, 2022. You can find more information about this new legislation from link below:

This new regulation limits the use of certain ingredients, among other things including some pigments and preservatives that were previously allowed for use in production of tattoo inks. Some pigments will be banned completely (like blue 15 and green 7 which takes effect on January 2023) and for some incredients the allowed amounts will be dramatically reduced in tattoo and micropigmentation inks. Because of this, a large part of the currently known and used inks can no longer be sold, bought, used and stored as a tattoo or micropigmentation ink inside EU from January 4th, 2022.

Manufacturers are working on with alternatives for products no longer allowed in EU. We will inform customers immediately after we get list of products which will be available also in 2022 for tattoo and micropigmentation inks. Unfortunately, so far, we do not have sufficient information from manufacturers when these alternatives can be expected. Until then we try our best to keep our current product range of inks available for our customers as long as possible.

Manufacturers and wholesalers are working together to solve this problem for artists in Europe as quickly as possible. We are very sorry for inconvenience caused by all this.


Added on 25th of May 2021

The availability of disposable gloves has recently improved moderately so we have been able to remove sales restrictions on these products. 

We have been asked a lot for form of a tattoo contract. Attached for download is an example template for a tattoo contract. The base can be freely modified to suit your own preferences. Please note, it is not a formal agreement made by an authority. Contract also has general aftercare instructions.

Tattoo Contract sample:

in Finnish

in Swedish

in English


Added on 15th of April 2021

About availability of products

-GLOVES: Unfortunately with some products availability issues continue. Manufacturers ’forecasts point to continuing problems with certain glove brands until next year. Such gloves are for example the ones specially designed for our industry, such as Ebony, Panthera and Semper Xpert. In some of the models, availability has improved a bit recently and we have increased the possibility to order gloves in slightly larger quantities since we have been able to grow stock levels.

- INKS: Some of the inks have had availability problems. Manufacturers are preparing for the new ink legislation in EU.

There is currently a transition to new legislation on tattoo and permanent pigmentation inks. The transition period ends in January 2022, before which the products should be brought into line with the new regulations. Ink manufacturers are currently working on the issue, schedules for new inks have not yet been obtained.

The use of some pigments will end and the pigments will be replaced with new pigments. There are certain blue and green pigments with no replacements available (yet) in accordance with the regulations. For those pigments an additional year has been granted for ink manufacturers (transition period ends in January 2023). Also in some colors, the shades may change because the amount of pigment in some products will be limited. Also there will be changes in product labels.

 From the beginning of 2022, the artist will have an obligation to present to the client the INCI lists and warnings of inks they are using for the tattoo.

We will inform you more as soon as we receive more information from the manufacturers. Until then, we will try to keep the existing range as comprehensive as possible. Any colors that will be discontinued because of the new legislation can be used quite normally until the end of the transition period.


Added on 21st of December 2020

During the holidays and new year we will be closed on 24th and 25th of December, on the 1st of January 2021 and on the 6th of January. Other than this we will be here for you during our regular open hours.

We wish you happy holidays and a great new year!


Added on 16th of December 2020

Brexit info: Freight companies have informed us that there will be break in shipping to UK around the turn of the year because of Brexit. There is still uncertainty about how everything will go in future, but surely in the beginning of the year things will start to clear up.

In meanwhile, the last possible date to ship to UK by DHL Express during this year is 30th of December and by DHL Economy 23th of December.

As it stands we should be able to ship normally to UK again starting from the 4th of January.


Added on 26th of November 2020

Black Friday sale in on. Everything - 10%.  The discount will automatically be added to the cart so no codes are needed. Valid till Monday 30th of November 23:59 or as long as stock lasts.

Added on 5th of November 2020

Disruptions in production chains caused by COVID-19 continue to cause availability issues and delays in shipments sent to us from manufacturers. The biggest problem at the moment is still the availability of disposable gloves and the rise in prices caused by poor availability. We have been able to compensate for the poor availability with our strong stock and even now we have gloves reasonably well in stock. The best availability has been in Semper gloves and they can be purchased from our store in slightly larger quantities than gloves from other brands.

In addition, the availability of Hustle Butter, for example, has been very poor since the spring, but we should get a big shipment of the product in a couple of weeks. Gojo’s hand soap  and sanitizer packages will also finally return to the range in near future. Unfortunately, there are still no dispensers. Since the first time in 6 months we got new batch of Fusion Ink, so almost the entire range of colors is available again.

The following new products are coming to our selection in the coming days
- Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited 4.0
- Cheyenne Craft 2.0
- Dynamic Greywash Series
- Critical MNML

Added on 20th of October 2020

The service provider of our webshop will change and renew its server system on Monday the 26th of October between 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM (UTC +2). During this update, at least an hour of downtime is expected, after which there may be momentary interruptions until approximately 8:00 AM.

Added on 8th of September 2020

The availability of disposable gloves is gradually returning to normal in parts of our selection. Unfortunately, the price level is still high. We will receive large shipments of Semperquard’s Style Black glove soon, so it will be the first nitrile glove that can be ordered from our store in larger quantities. Next week we will receive Black Scorpion latex gloves as a novelty product.


Added on 20th of July 2020

The global increase in demand for disposable gloves caused by COVID-19 and the consequent availability problem in the product are likely to continue until the end of the year. As a result, our online store unfortunately has a limit on the number of purchases for those products. Maximum purchase quantities vary by glove brand and also by size. In other hygiene products, availability has generally returned to normal, but the prices of a few products have unfortunately been rising by manufacturers.

New products coming soon:

- Method Tattoo System
- FK Flux S
- Disposable Grips for Bishop Wand
- Bishop Battery Pack


20th of April 2020

As many of our customers have already noticed we have had to set purchase quantity restrictions on some products. These products include some cleaning products, hand disinfectants and disposable gloves. Possible restrictions are mentioned in the product description.

Because of COVID-19 some product categories suffer from availability problems. By restricting ordering amounts we try to ensure the availability of those products as long as possible, try to treat our customers as equal as possible and try to avoid those products ending up in to resale. Restrictions may be coming to other products too than those mentioned before. For example many of the factories in China that used to produce different kinds of surface protection products now have changed their production lines to make face masks and respiratory protections. So far, our stock situation is good for these items and we are actively purchasing to maintain the situation. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the situation.


25th of March 2020

As you can see from the news the COVID-19 situation in Europe is worsening. Also in Finland our government has taken harder measures to control the spread of the virus. Some of our foreign customers have asked us if ordering from us is any longer possible as Finland has closed its borders.
The closing of the borders concerns people's free movement only, so it does not affect freight. We can still supply orders normally to Finland as well as to other countries. In some countries internal emergency actions ordered by authorities (such as curfew) might delay deliveries. There are major regional differences between countries.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

19th of March 2020

Dear customers,

We take the COVID-19 coronavirus seriously and we take the situation into account in many ways in our operations. In addition to our small work community and remote location, we also take extra good care of hygiene and prevent anyone from visiting our warehouse. We are able to ship orders within the normal time frame, but it is best to be prepared for delays of a few days in deliveries.

We understand the struggle our clients go through in this severe situation and from our part we do our best to serve you as well as we can.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you well. Be safe.

13th of March 2020

Because of coronavirus situation Posti has disabled all cash on delivery services from the packages delivered straight to the customer. This means cash on delivery is not available in Posti Express 14-, Posti Express 9- and Koti 21- packages.

Other changes caused by coronavirus are that we are at the moment out of stock with face masks. Also the great demand of hand disinfectants has led manufacturers to struggle with deliveries. Products, such as Desinfektol, are still available but might soon be out of stock for short period of time due to high demand. EasyCleaning –hand disinfectant will soon be sold out and at the moment it seems we will get more next time in June. Replacing products by other manufacturers are coming in stock during next week.

The restrictions in mobility of labour and goods in manufacturing countries have caused delays in both manufacturing process and deliveries. For now we have been able to keep the availability of main products but in case the situation changes we will inform our customers here in our news feed.

Here are some estimated arrival times for novelties and pre-order goods.

- Bishop Wand -shipment 2-3 weeks
- FK Irons LightningBolt 2-3 weeks
- FK Irons Flux 2-3 weeks
- Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited 2-3 weeks
- Bishop Da Vinci Cartridge 2.0 in May


29th of January 2020


Product recall notice

During monitoring project of tattoo and permanent inks, the supervising authority of Sweden has discovered defects in several ink batches. Inks from one of these batches were also in our stock. We will be contacting all customers who purchased ink from this batch from us directly today, but we also ask that you please check the production batch number in case you have this product in use.   If you find any bottles of ink from this batch in your possession or are using it we ask you to stop using the ink and contact the supplier you bought the ink from so they can perform the product recall measures required.

Perma Blend - Tina Davies - 1 Grey, Batch B20209, Exp 08/20/21

If your ink is not from the same manufacturing LOT/batch, you do not have to do anything, withdrawal does not concern your ink.


31st of December 2019

Thanks to all our customers for the year 2019 and Happy New Year 2020!

18th of December 2019

Below is a list of days our office will be closed on during the holiday season, other than these days we will be open normally. National holidays during this time will also affect the shipping times during the next 3 weeks, shipments can be subject to some delay because of this.

Tuesday 24th of December

Wednesday 25th of December

Thursday 26th of December

Wednesday 1st of January

Monday 6th of January

Happy Holidays!

5th of December 2019

We are closed on Friday the 6th of December due to a national holiday. All orders made later in the day on Thursday and on Friday will be shipped monday morning.

30th of November 2019

Black Friday deal continues during weekend and ends on Cyber Monday 2/12/2019 at 23:59 (GMT +2). You get discount for all products you order from us and discount will be seen on shopping cart automatically.

27th of November 2019

The Posti strike has ended and parcels will start moving as usual and all operations will resume little by little. Some small delays may still be present during the aftermath of the strike in the coming days.

25th of November 2019

In addition to the Posti strike the other strikes started by other unions in support of this strike have a significant impact on the mobility of Posti parcels in Finland. Delays are generally about 1-2 business days with Posti Express parcels even in bigger cities. In less populated areas delays can be considerably longer. In basic Posti parcels, delays are long throughout the country because some of the pick-up points are down. We therefore recommend that you use Matkahuolto or DHL for domestic shipments.

With shipments to other countries, Express shipments (DHL and TNT / Fedex) operate normally, Economy shipments will take an extra 1-2 business days to arrive due to the strike. EMS shipments to Russia may be delayed by several business days.

7th of November 2019

According latest news there will be a large strike in Posti, company that takes care of Finnish postal services. The strike will mainly concern distribution of letters and newspapers, but most likely will delay package deliveries also. Delivery times may be extended because of this. As it stands the strike should not affect the delivery times of other companies providing logistic services. We highly recommend choosing Matkahuolto or DHL as delivery method for orders inside Finland. The strike does not affect DHL and TNT/Fedex deliveries sent abroad from Finland.

6th of November 2019

Effects of a possible Post and Logistics Union (PAU) strike on deliveries to Finland 11.11. - 24.11.

Posti delivery, handling and transportation will be on strike from November 11th to November 24th, unless agreement is reached with the employer in collective bargaining. During this time, we recommend using other shipping methods, such as Matkahuolto and DHL or TNT/FedEx.

It is advisable to prepare for a strike by ordering critical, important products before the strike begins (11.11.) and in larger quantities than usual. Replenishment orders during a strike should be made taking into account possible longer than usual multi-day delivery time.

If the collective action measures expand and the transport unions start subsidy strikes, delivery times for other delivery methods will also decline. In this case, we will do our best to arrange substitute delivery where possible.

We will get more detailed information on the actual extent of the strike on 7.11. and we'll update the information here at that point.

29th of October 2019

Product recall notice.

As a part of their new tattoo ink safety monitoring project the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) has discovered defects in one production batch of two separate inks that we had in stock. We will be contacting all customers who purchased inks from these batches from us directly today, but we also ask that you please check the production batch number (LOT number or expiration date) on any bottles of the inks listed below. We recommend you do this even if the ink was purchased from elsewhere and not from us. If you find any bottles of ink from these batches in your possession or are using them we ask you to stop using the ink and contact the supplier you bought the ink from so they can perform the product recall measures required.

Dynamic Black 30ml (1oz) (LOT12026230)
Bloodline All Purpose Black 15ml (1/2oz) (EXP 01/22)

If your ink is not from the same manufacturing LOT/batch, you do not have to do anything, withdrawal does not concern your ink.

15th of October 2019

Important Information.

As a part of their new tattoo ink safety monitoring project the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) has discovered defects in two production batches of inks that we had in stock. According to our system we have not delivered any inks from these faulty batches to our customers and have since stopped selling them until further notice. However we still ask you to please check the product production batch number on the label if you are using any of the ink listed below. We recommend you check this even if you have bought the ink in question from another supplier. If you are in possession of or currently using the inks from the faulty batches we ask you to stop using the ink and contact the suppier you bought it from so they can perform the product recall measures required.

Intenze The Alex De Pase Series, Magenta (LOT265, Batch RD76O84B90BK140IMX40, Exp 12/31/2022)
Arte Stylo, Cafe (Batch 180624, Exp 07/23)

9th of September 2019

This coming weekend  from the 13th to the 14th of September we will be attending the Aulanko Tattoo & Rock Weekend. We serve you through the convention in the traders area, come say hi.

You can also make an order to pick up at the convention up until Wednesday the 11th this week.

29th of August 2019

Due to Posti going on strike from the 2nd to the 4th of September packages sent starting from the 30th of August may have some delays in delivery. After this Posti should continue operating as normal but some delays may still occur in the following days.

14th of August 2019

New products coming in August:

- Cheyenne Sol Nova machines in various colors

- Cheyenne Sol Grips and a new power supply

- Sunskin Stilo Thomas Carli Jarlier Special Edition

New products coming in September:

- Goodink's new care products

- Stigma Comfy Grips

- FK Irons Xion Disposable Grips, Gorilla (Standard and Slim models are coming later this year)

- EZ V-Select cartridge needles and EZ Filter cartridge needles


New products arriving in October:

- Bishop Wand, this machine is already available for pre-order if you want to make sure you get it on arrival


In addition, some delivery time estimates for products that are temporarily out of stock and have had delivery delays:

- The next delivery of Dan Kubin machines, September

- Tatsoul Nexus Tubes, September

- Lithuanian Irons machines, October

We have added a new shipping method to our customers outside Finland, TNT/Fedex. In addition, we are also trying to get our customers in Finland an option with courier parcels alongside Posti and Matkahuolto in the near future.

We will start delivering Tatsoul furniture directly from their European Distribution Center warehouse so we can offer products at significantly lower shipping cost to certain countries in Europe. We will also continue to store the furniture in our warehouse as before for customers that do not have the direct delivery option.


2nd of June 2019

Viro Smartpost delivery option added to our shop for our customers in Estonia.

29th of March 2019

This coming weekend we will be attending the Helsinki Ink tattoo convention. This might unfortunately cause slight delays to order deliveries at the end of the week. See you at the Cable Factory in Helsinki!

13th of March 2019

Changes to Matkahuolto services are coming at the turn of the month.

- Matkahuolto will change its Cash on Delivery policy, it will no longer be possible to choose Cash on Delivery as the payment method with Matkahuolto Express Parcel door-to-door delivery. Cash on Delivery payment continues to work normally with Matkahuolto Bus Parcels and Matkahuolto Near Parcels.
The Cash on Delivery service provided by Posti also remains unchanged, so COD payments can only be paid by card in door-to-door deliveries like before and with orders received from a Posti pick-up point in cash or by card.

- In the future, Matkahuolto's arrival notifications will only come via e-mail and text message, Matkahuolto will no longer call you before delivery.

The changes will take effect on April 1, 2019, but we will remove the ability to use Cash on Delivery payment from the affected delivery methods a couple of days ahead of time so that the orders sent before this will be delivered when the service is still unchanged.


31st of December 2018

Thanks to all our customers for the year 2018 and Happy New Year 2019!

22nd of November 2018

Black Friday deals are available on our site! We have listened to your feedback and this year everything is on sale, not just specific products! Deal starts right now and will be available until 26th of November 23:59 our local time.

5% OFF on orders above 100€ without tax!
10% OFF on orders above 500€ without tax!

Feel free to collect your customer loyalty discount as well on top of the Black friday discounts! All volume discounts and other discounts are added on top of this crazy Black Friday deal as well to increase the total discount up to a whopping 80% on certain products!

Need a code? Hell no! You get everything automatically, just collect anything you like from our store and enjoy the discount pot increasing in your shopping cart once you have reached 100 euros in total order value.

19th of September 2018

We are closed on Friday the 28th of September, you can find us at Aulanko Tattoo & Rock Weekend. We serve through the weekend in the dealers area, see you there!

20th of August 2018

We will be getting some new products in stock in the near future, including:

- The new Critical power supply models, in about 3-4 weeks

- The Ink Machines TPS-500 power supply, in about a couple of weeks. The new power packs for the Scorpion machines will also be available, these power packs allow for wireless use of the Scorpion machine.

- New limited edition models of the popular Inkjecta Nano Elite machine, these should be in stock next week.


25th of May 2018

We have updated our customer register privacy policy to meet the new EU privacy policy (GDPR) standards. You can read our privacy policy on the Terms and Conditions page. The changes are not that big as our original policy for protecting customer data already met the requirements for GDPR.

18th of March 2018

We added few new delivery methods in our shop; Smart Post Estonia and Parcel Connect –package. We are still testing Parcel Connect and at the moment it is available for customers in Baltic countries and Sweden. Later we will propably expand the service in other EU -countries as well. Parcel Connect is cheaper option for courier service.

Thank you all for large amount of answers in our customer satisfaction survey! The survey is still open for about one month so in case you have not yet answered, please do it here: Customer satisfaction survey


Added on 16th of February 2018

Customers can now answer our new customer satisfacton survey. We hope to get feedback about what we have done well and what we could improve. Click here to answer: Customer Satisfaction Survey

We highly appreciate Your opinion!


Added on 5th of January 2018

We have finally received a shipment from Lucky Supplies and almost all Lucky's needles are now back in stock and available in our webshop. Big shipment of Witchhazel, which was temporarily out of stock, has arrived too. We have also received Kwadron shipment with several dozens of new cartridge needle configurations as well as traditional needles. These will be available in shop early next week.

Latest information about Xion -machines is that we should get them in the beginning of next week, but this is still unconfirmed. We will ship all pre-orders as soon as the shipment arrives from FK Irons.

Stigma Stylish -machine will arrive next week and Spear -machine from same manufacturer probably by the end of January. Also Cheyenne PU-III Power Units are expected to be available by the end of this month.


Added on 3.1.2018

Thanks to all our customers for the year 2017 and Happy New Year 2018!


Added on 1st of December 2017  

Important notification concerning package freight during December: The resources of freight companies are overloaded due to great increase in package traffic during Christmas season, and therefore minor delays in shipments can occure.

In Finland small Posti and Matkahuolto pick-up points and Smart post parcel services are not available at all times, because of the storage problems. In cases like these Posti delivers the package to the nearest bigger pick-up point, and they have also set up new Pop-Up pick up points as well to manage the parcel traffic volumes. This can be the case with Matkahuolto also.  During the season we recommend to choose delivery to the destination or to some bigger Matkahuolto and Posti offices, to avoid all inconvenience and delays.

We finally received TatSoul shipment, so Wrath Vortex and Nexus disposable tubes are again available!


Added on 19th of November  2017

Here are estimated  arrival timetables of some of the most wanted new products:

- Kwadron Cartridge -needles will be in stock in about 5 days.

- The first batch of FK Irons Xion machines will arrive in about 3 days.  Looks like all pre-orders can be then delivered.

- Bishop Fantom machines will arrive in about 7 days.  Also these pre-orders can be then delivered.

All of these three shipments are on their way, and if no unpleasant surprises occur these timetables should stand.


Added on 8th of November 2017  

There is a new update available for Ink Machines RPS-600 -power unit. The manufacturer recommends to install the update in all devices. It contains important updates on device functions and it also contains some new useful functions. You can find the installation istructions here:

RPS-600 software update v.1565


Added on 26th of October 2017

After a successful testing period of Klarna, new credit limit for our Klarna customers is now 5000€. By the end of this year, we will add Klarna payment option for our Swedish, Norwegian and Danish customers too.

Information about upcoming new products:

 -FK Irons Xion, latest estimation: should arrive during November.

- Sunskin Stilo, latest estimation: should arrive durig first week of November.

- Bishop Fantom, latest estimation: should arrive during last week of Novemer.

-Kwadron cartridge needles, latest estimation: should arrive during second week of November.


Added on 16th of October 2017

The update for  our web  shop is now ready.  Although performance of the site should have improved a bit, other changes are not yet visible for users. Later we are going to upgrade the visual look of the site and add some new helpful features.

A few words about what is going to happen in near future:

- Sunskin Stilo –machines are expected to arrive early in November.

-  Latest info about FK Irons Xion is that suppliers  are going to get small batches of the first manufacturing batch in the end of October. This is not yet confirmed information.

- There has been great delay in our latest TatSoul shipment. We are expecting container to arrive in late November. Due to this delay some products are out of stock.

Soon to arrive products:

-Kwadron cartridge needles.

- Solid Ink artist ink series.

- Magic Stencil Markers

- Redemption –care cream

Now available in out stock; Cheyenne Craft cartridges.


Added 27th of September 2017

-  Our clients from Austria are now able to use Klarna as payment option.

- We have got many inquiries about permanent makeup pigments, and finally they are here; Perma Blend Permanent Makeup Pigments! These colors are manufactured in USA by the same factory that makes World Famous Ink tattoo inks.

- FK Irons Xion –machines are estimated to arrive for wholesalers in late October.

- We are expecting Kwadron Cartridge needles to arrive in our stock in about 4 weeks.


Added on 12th of September 2017

The manufacturer of Alla Prima Inks has renewed their whole ink selection. Formal Primary Colours -range will be united to Arcane –range. Many similar looking colours are eliminated, new colours are added and even the composition of some of the colours have been changed according customers wishes.  We sell our full Alla Prima stock at great discount to make room for the new products. All previous Alla Prima inks will be sold out. The new colour range will come to the selection probably during October 2017.


Added on 4th of September 2017

We are about to take Klarna payment options in our payment selection.  This feature has been our customers wish for a long time, as Klarna is easy to use for both private customers and companies also. We are still on testing period with Klarna, but customers are able to use it completely normally.   Payment option with Klarna is  invoice with 14 days net, of which we charge 1,8% billing fee. There are no other charges in this form of payment. There is also option to pay in installments. We do not charge anything from this option, but Klarna will charge installment fee according to valid price list of given time. Line of credit is 2000€ during this testing period, but after few months the credit limit will be raised up to 5000€. During testing period Klarna is available for our customers in Finland and Germany,  and very soon also in Austria.


Another great  reform in our webshop will happen in near future, when we will update in ePages Enterprice-version. This should improve the website performance significantly and we will be able to add some useful features for our customers use. Layout will be also updated but visual changes will happen later. For now we have decided to invest in performance and usability of which we have received some negative feedback from our clients. We believe this update will improve the webshop and make it easier to use. This will also allow other currencies to be used so that in future we can offer Klarna as payment option in countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway.  


Added on 18th of August  2017

- We have received  Inkjecta shipment!  Inkjecta machines, cams and rigidbars are again available.

- TattooLand tattoo chairs in black and in black/purple in stock now.

- As a new products we have Bishop Microangelo V2-machines and Bishop aluminum grips. These will be added in shop soon.



Added on 3th of July 2017

Every now and then we get questions about ”missing ” payment and delivery methods in our webshop. This happens because some products have limited delivery methods, and some delivery methods have limited payment ways. Here is some more information:

  • Jousto- payment can not be used with orders over 2000€.
  • With Posti 9 and Posti lauantaijakelu (delivery on Saturday) it is not possible to pay with cash on delivery.
  • With orders inside Finland; very big furnishing packages and some big liquid cans can only be sent by Matkahuolto. Posti will not deliver big boxes and some fluids are forbidden too. In case you have things like this in your shopping basket, webshop will only allow you to choose Matkahuolto.  Matkahuolto Lähellä is also off the list with very big parcels.
  • With international orders; it is not possible to choose Express delivery  if there are any pressurized metal bottles in the order. Those can only be sent as DHL or UPS economy deliveries.



Added on 29th of June 2017  

We received a small patch of Injecta Elite Powda Troopa -machines in stock. The availability of Inkjecta is still challenging due to high demand.

The publication date of FK Irons Xion –machine has been postponed to August. This is the manufacturers estimation. They are not yet taking in any pre-orders from suppliers. We are likely to have more information about this by the end of July.

Within few weeks these much enquired products will be available in our online shop:

  • Bishop MicroAngelo V2
  • Hivecaps



Added on 6th of June 2017

We have added some new needle configurations to our webshop from Magic Moon cartridge needles along with some traditional needles as well.

New products coming next week:

  • Ink Addict clothes.
  • KillerBee (Immortal Innovations)  tattoo machine
  • Quickcaps

New products coming within few weeks:

  • Black disposable machine bags, clipcord sleeves etc.
  • EZ Echo X2 needles
  • EZ Revolution Hollow Point needles



Added 5th of June 2017  

From now  on it is possible to pay in USD also by using bank wire transfer, by choosing our USD account number. It is possible to pay in USD or in other currencies also by using PayPal or Westen Union.

We have been asked a lot about the date of publication for tattoo machines  Xion (FK Irons) and Scorpion (Ink Machines). Unfortunately neither of the manufacturers have given exact dates. The machines will be in our selection as soon as they are available.



Added on 12th of April 2017

Crazy machine deals in SALE folder under Helsinki Ink Leftover Crazy Deals -header!

Inkjecta news;  because of great demand, the producer has had some difficulties to provide machines for the market fast enough. This is why they have decided to make new model of the popular Elite machine. New machine is made of carbon fiber and titanium, and that makes it even lighter and faster to produce. We will receive small patch of these new machines during next week. Differences compared to usual Elite model are; Titanium lock nut, carbon fiber frame and improved CAM. All other features and performance are the same. Elite Titan is more expensive to produce, but will be sold with the same price as Elite. This is possible as some of the Torsion drive bars, that are included in Elite version, are not included with Elite Titan version. We will get the normal Elite version in stock in future, but delivery time is long. The order we made in last October, will be in our stock in about June/July 2017.


We have had lots of queries about FK irons Xion, and it will be in stock in June. The producer will give global date of publication to the product, and it can be bought from us on the same day. More information about the product will be given as soon as it is provided by the producer.


Ink Machines Scorpion machine is coming, but the date of publication is still unknown.



Added on 29th of May 2017

- Tat Soul container finally arrived and Tat Soul Forte Work stations are back in stock!

- New big magnums available from EZ!

- Musotoku Power Units in stock now!



Added on 22nd of March 2017


We are attending Helsinki Ink Tattoo Convention on 31st of March - 2nd of April in 2017 in Helsinki, Finland. We are closed on  31st of March - 3rd of April 2017. All orders made during this period of time will be sent on Tuesday 4th of April. See you at the convention!



Added on 24th of February 2017


We have added  new useful database in our website. From the database you can download Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and other certificates for inks and for other products we have in our selection. The work is still in progress, and some more products will be added. You can find the database at the bottom of the page by clicking the link "Information Database".



Added on 22nd of February 2017.


- All the EZ Revolution needle configurations can now be found from our webshop! The factory will start manufacturing large magnum needles within few months, and we are expecting to get those as well as soon as possible.

- Tatformance Disposable Tubes with diameter of 38mm in stock now.

- Musotoku power supplies available in about 2 weeks.

- Magic Moon cartridge needles available in about 1 month.



Added on 23th of January 2017


At the request of customers  more volume discounts have been added to all EasyCleaning, EasyTattoo and EasyPiercing products. Many other products have volume discounts as well, always check "Price reductions" -tab in case you are going to purchase multiple pieces of the same product.



Added on 18th January 2017


Brother has recently included special setting called Stencil Mode for use with the 7-series (PJ-723, PJ-763 and PJ-773) which improves printer performance with Spirit Thermal papers. Mode can be chosen by installing latest version of Printer Setting Tool -program which is also available for download in Brother Support website. We recommend to update Your current machine if You have V1.07 or older firmware in use. Latest version is 1.12 and here comes link to Brother support site where to download firmware updater. Same time we recommend to update also printer drivers to latest version if You happen to use some older version of it. There is also some updated available for 6-series as well which we also recommend to install if You have PJ-623, PJ-663 or PJ-673 version in use.



Added 2nd of March 2016


Our company has been supplying goods to tattoo and piercing artists now for 10 years. During this period of time a lot has changed in the tattoo industry, as well as in our company. The company name has changed once and due to increased need for storage our address has changed three times. During these years we have also grown - from the corner of our CEO's home office - to be a internationally valued wholesaler.

We want to thank all our clients for these past years, and for the help and support that has enabled us to reach the state we are in today. We are very grateful for all the feedback and tips that have helped us to improve our operations and product range. 

In the future we will continue to do our best to supply You with the best possible products, and to do it fast and reliably with competitive prices along with great customer service.

Thank You!