Inked Army - Sterile Paper Ink Caps - 11mm - 18mm

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Alkaen 12,90 / laatikkoa
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Toimituksen paino: 2 000 g


Paper ink caps are the ideal solution for filling the ink while tattooing. The special material consist of a paper pulp and are therefore not only environmentally friendly, but also waterproof.

The caps are also sterile and meet the high hygiene standards mentioned or implied in the German DIN standard EN 17169 or the Austrian BGBL-2003/141. The Inked Army Sterile Ink Caps are the first choice to work safely and aseptically when handling and storing tattoo inks during the session.

Please note! Since the Cellulose Ink Caps are made out of pressed eco-degradable paper we recommend not to use tattoo inks including glycerin or high amounts of alcohol since the surface of the ink caps will not withstand the chemical stress. Therefore, we cannot and do not guarantee 100 percent durability when using tattoo inks from some manufacturers. If needed, 2 caps can be stacked to stop leakage on the outside on the cap.
Being mindful of this when using this product you can improve our environment with a clear conscience!

The individual packs, each with 5 ink caps, are ideal for traveling and promise 100% hygienic use of the ink caps.

- Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilized, sterilized in packs of 5 caps
- Sizing: cap diameter w/o base
- Suitable for single use
- Biodegradable
- Waterproof
- Environmentally-friendly
- Available in different sizes

Storage: Protect the carton from moisture and direct sunlight

Box of 11mm contains 500pcs total (100 x 5pcs packs)
Box of 15mm contains 250pcs total (50 x 5pcs packs)
Box of 18mm contains 250pcs total (50 x 5pcs packs)

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