Paperlike 2.0 Screen Protector - 2-Pack


Paperlike 2.0 Screen Protector - 2-Pack

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The new Paperlike 2 with Nanodots! a Dream Come True for iPad & Apple Pencil Users - Fall in love with drawing and writing on your iPad. Paperlike is the iPad screen protector developed for people who want the precision of paper in a paperless environment.

What's new with Paperlike 2:
In 2017, we created the original Paperlike, the first iPad screen protector that feels like paper, specifically designed for Apple Pencil users. And it was a huge success.
However, there were problems. While happy with the product, many users of the original Paperlike wanted the screen to feel even rougher, providing a better paper feel. But they also wanted a lot less light refraction.
After months of designing, prototyping, and testing, we finally found the solution: an all-new development we call Nanodots® Surface Technology!
Essentially, Nanodots® are microbeads sprinkled across the screen protector's foil. These microbeads don't disturb the light as nearly as much, thus you get a rougher screen with less refraction.

What you get:
2 x Paperlike iPad screen protector with Nanodots
2 x wet and 1x dry screen wipes
2 x dust absorbers
2 x sticker guide sheets

Available sizes:
12.9" for same size iPad Pro (2018 & 2020)
12.9" for same size iPad (with Home-Button)
11" for same size iPad Pro (2018 & 2020)
10.5" for same size iPad (Air 2019 & Pro 2017)
10.2" for same size iPad (2019)
9.7" for same size iPad Pro and iPad 2018
7.9" for same size iPad Mini 2019

The main advantages of PaperLike:

Write Notes
No matter if in a meeting or simply collecting thoughts. Handwriting on your iPad Pro with the Apple Notes App and the PaperLike is the most paper like digital experience ever. You can even rest your hand on the display without leaving finger marks.

Sketch like on paper
Sketching with the Apple Pencil and the PaperLike is the best digital sketching experience that feels like paper on the iPad. With the PaperLike, your hand slides nicely on the iPad's surface, making the digital sketching experience much more rewarding.

Annotate PDF documents
No more printing, no more heavy books or documents. You can now write directly on a page, make notes or highlight on the iPad while keeping the paper feel. Combine the haptic feedback of paper with today's connected digital tools.


How to apply Paperlike from Paperlike on Vimeo.

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