Super Disc Magnet Self-Adhesive 25mm


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Toimituksen paino: 15 g

Flat disc magnet has a very strong self-adhesive side made of cushioning foam and an impressive adhesive force of approx. 2,9kg.

With this disc magnet, any surface can quickly turn into a notice board and even heavy objects can be hung anywhere without causing any holes. Great for attaching supplies or holders to the side of a metal workstation for example or fixing them firmly to the top!

- Strong 3M adhesive on one side to attach firmly anywhere
- 25 mm diameter
- 2 mm thickness
- Adhesive force: approx. 2,9kg (approx. 28,4 N)
- Direction of magnetisation: axial (parallel to height)
- Adhesive: 3M, No. 4920, 0,40 mm
- Weight: 7,5 grams
- Coating: Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)

Please note: The magnets need to be placed, pressed and dried on suitable surfaces to adhere properly. Please ensure magnet adhesive has properly attached to the surface and dried before use.

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