Swashdrive Vader

Swashdrive Vader


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Toimituksen paino: 180 g

The Swashdrive Vader is a formidable cartridge machine which takes nearly all grip types! It has a 20 stage adjustable give push bar. From the softest setting at the bottom position it winds up 20 clicks, the last one making it completely rigid. The only tools you need to do this are your fingers.

It's powered by Swashdrive's custom built 10 watt instant start incredibly powerful motor. Each motor is individually hand built at Swashdrive headquarters by Craig who by the way builds every single machine and makes all the associated parts by himself. He has been doing this since 1993.

The Vader is in the smallest frame possible. We included a small visor in the design over the push bar so if it's ever dropped it won't damage the push bar mechanism. We have also made a click in and out cover which makes fully wrapping your machine possible. No hair will get caught in the spinning mechanism. The cover can be left off if you desire.

- Swashdrive's powerful custom built 10 watt instant start motor
- 20 stage push bar give adjustment
- The smallest frame possible
- New cover for the spinning mechanism allows you to completely wrap your machine

Technical details:
- Machine Head weight: 65 grams (2.3oz)
- Stroke: 3,5mm
- 9 volts at start-up will deliver 2000 rpm or 33 CPS
- 11 volts = 3000 rpm / 50 CPS
- 13 volts = 6000 rpm / 100 CPS
- 16 volts = 9000rpm / 150 CPS
- Motor is limited to 150 CPS at 16 volts which is max power

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