TatSoul Wrath Recoil Tubes - 25mm - 10pcs

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Introducing the Wrath Recoil Disposable Tubes. Designed for the artist looking to lower their carbon footprint, it features an all stainless steel grip with a modern feel of a stainless steel tube. Perfectly balanced and weighted to fit well in hand, it's ideal for artists looking to pair up with Tatsoul Envy/Enso needles.

Premiere Design: Weighted design for increased balance and low vibration.

Substantial Construction: Full stainless steel construction allows a firm yet comfortable in-hand grip.

Recyclable: Full stainless steel construction is fully recyclable at participating recycling centers. Contact your local recycling center to confirm that they accept metal that may contain bloodborne pathogens!

Optimal Performance: Perfect when used with Tatsoul Foam Grip Covers. Grips offer better shock absorption in combination with the low vibration coil design during use

Package Contents: 10 Tubes/Box. Tubes individually packaged and sterilized by Ethylene Oxide Gas.



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