Magic Moon


Magic Moon carry four different types of needlepoints ( taper ) + BugPin. For those of you who didn`t dig into this yet, here‘s a short guide on usage of needle sizes and taper. Since the needle brings the ink into the skin, you should first make up your mind about what needle is to be used for which purpose. Black ink for example is highly pigmented but highly fluid with extra fine pigments. Therefore it can be inked with almost every needle size and taper. Long Taper and Extreme Long Taper are ideal for lining. For thicker contours please use the Straigh Round Liner ( Long Taper, Medium Taper ) which are especially developed for this purpose.

XLT = Extreme Long Taper

The Extreme Long Taper is the slimmest tattoo needle available. Slim in this context means the conical tapering of the needlepoint. This is preferred by some tattooists due to the needlestand being very tight.

LT = Long Taper

Our Long Tapers are the most famous tapers known for years. This taper is popular for all types of needles: Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnum or Soft Edge Magnum. It‘s still the most popular Taper within our range.

MT = Medium Taper

Our Medium Taper is the old school taper within the Tattooscene. This taper can be used for every type of needle.

ST = Short Taper

We do offer this taper for Magnum only. Due to it‘s very short tip, it‘s a very popular needle for fill-ins amongst old school specialists.

BPT = BugPin Textured

Our in-house developed BugPin textured needle comes in 0,25 mm, 0,30 mm and 0,35 mm size. This needle does have a particular texture which improves the transport of color. BugPin needles are mainly used as Round Liner, where as some high level artists do use BugPin textured Magnum and Soft Edge Magnum, too.

SRL = Straight Round Liner

We developed this old school liner, along with Andreas ( The Sinner & The Saint ) and meanwhile it has become a world-valued needle. It‘s a relatively open liner, drawing thick black lines and carrying lots of color. Since very recently it`s also available as Medium Taper!

OOL= One off Liner

Our "One Off Liner" are round needle configurations which are missing the incircle needle. Thereby more ink is transported and you can draw long, bold lines with them.

All Magic Moon needles, regardless which kind of taper, are manufactured from the same highest production standard steel and are subject to constant quality control. Our on site quality control takes place during and after production. A third quality control takes place in Germany. Thus we reach the highest possible efficiency.