Biotek Gloss Bomb Nursing Lip Gloss 4ml

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From the magical properties of vitamin E comes GLOSS BOMB by Biotek, the exclusive multifunction gel that emphasizes the result of your permanent make up, enhancing its details.

#Instagram-proof details - To add value to your PMU and get the perfect shoot that thrills your followers, GLOSS BOMB is the detail that makes the difference.
The results of GLOSS BOMB are in fact particularly appreciable on photos and videos: publish your works on Instagram and take advantage of the effects of GLOSS BOMB to enhance - on lips and eyebrows - the definition, colors and shades of your PMU!

Thanks to its very pure formulation, GLOSS BOMB has excellent repairing, anti-inflammatory, emollient and soothing properties. Applied on the lips, this product gives greater elasticity to the tissues by providing correct hydration.

Why Vitamin E? - It protects from harmful UV rays, effectively counteracts the action of free radicals, has a powerful antioxidant action on the skin. Tocopherol-based products are perfect for protecting cell membranes and collagen from aging and oxidation.

How to use:
After PMU - GLOSS BOMB is to be easily applied at the end of the treatment on dermopigmented, clean and dry lips and on the surrounding skin. Polishing and fragrance-free, the product gives the lips a juicy and seductive effect.
At home -  GLOSS BOMB can be sold to the client as home care to prepare her lips for the permanent make-up treatment and to treat them after the session, restoring their hydration. The product is supplied with a practical portable brush that allows optimal application over the entire surface.

4ml jar, package includes 1pc applicator.

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