EGO Switch Volt Power Pack - Black


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Power pack battery for the EGO Switch Volt machine, compatible with Switch Volt only.

The Switch Volt battery has an easy-to-read digital display clearly showing you its voltage and the remaining battery is displayed as a percentage.
The simple three-button controls allow you to toggle between on/off (and jump start) and adjust your voltage in 0.1volt increments.

The voltage range of the battery is 4-12 volts. However, it is recommended that the voltage does not exceed 4-10 volts.

- Up to 8-hour battery life*
- 2 hours charging time
- Threaded connection for stability
- Weight: 57 grams

Package includes:
1 Switch Volt Power Pack battery
1 USB-C Charging Cable for battery (cable only, no wall plug)

*Charge duration is subject to variation depending on the used voltage, needle brand and size as well as environmental factors such as temperature etc.

Please note that, like any Li-Ion battery, this battery will also wear down in time and capacity slowly gets lower causing working time to get shorter. This is normal wear over time and is not covered by warranty.

The shipping options for this product are limited. The product can't be shipped via express services.


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