The SPRIzZ - Ink-Away Concentrate - 500ml


29,90 / pullo(a)
Ilman alv:tä
Toimituksen paino: 560 g


THE SPRizZ SUPERFOAM INK-AWAY - The number one choice product for excess ink and vaseline removal. 500ml CONCENTRATE - MIX IT 1:10. With this concentrate you are able to mix 10 x 500 ml (5 Liters) of ready to use solution.

The slippery texture soothes the skin and protects the stencil with every wipe. The "Freshness-Trio" (Witch Hazel, Menthol and Camphor) supports the skin and ensures a pleasnt healing process.

Make your customer last longer. Spray some "THE SPRizZ" on an wiping towel and and place it on the fresh tattoo in your break periods. The covered area will stay pleasantly cool and relaxed with the result of your customer lasting longer during their tattoo session.

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